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Brothel gang member admits to sword and meat cleaver attack, Dubai court hears

Vietnamese security guard and other gang members attacked two Pakistani men after they got into an argument with a prostitute.

DUBAI // A security guard who is part of a gang that runs a brothel confessed to being involved in attacking two men with swords and meat cleavers, a Dubai court has heard.

TT, 29, from Vietnam, and other gang members attacked the Pakistani men after one of their prostitutes called about a dispute with the pair, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

The gang runs a brothel at the China cluster of International City. One of the women was told to visit a studio apartment in the area but a row erupted between her and the two Pakistanis, MJ, 42 and MR, so she called one of the gang members.

He arrived at the apartment and was attacked by the Pakistanis so, later, at dawn of June 25 last year, a number of men from the brothel gang broke open the door to the studio and assaulted MJ and MR with the weapons.

One of the men fainted while the other managed to call police but the gang had escaped by the time officers arrived.

The victims denied requesting a prostitute and said in records that they called for a woman to give them a massage. They said the row started when they found out that she was a prostitute.

Police managed to track down TT but failed to arrest the other gang members, who remain unidentified.

The Vietnamese man was charged with assault that caused a permanent disability to one of the victims, running a brothel, trespassing and damaging property.

He confessed to all charges and a verdict is due on May 18.