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British husband and lover assaulted wife outside villa, Dubai court hears

The wife told the Misdemeanours Court she visited the home to pick up her belongings, when her estranged husband and his new girlfriend turned on her and began attacking her.

DUBAI // A man and his fiancee attacked his estranged wife who came to the villa to pick up her belongings, the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard on Monday.

Prosecutors charged F F, 35 and his fiancee, N T, 33, both from the UK, with assaulting D F.

On the morning of February 7 this year, D F said she went to their villa with her son, 8 and daughter, 6.

“I had F F’s permission to pick up my stuff because we had an ongoing divorce case in the courts. But when I did, I found a strange woman with him,” said D F, who had been married to the defendant for 12 years.

She said N T started questioning her about her about why she was there, then began shouting at her. D F said: “My husband then came and he started quarrelling with the woman, so I took my children and walked out of the villa.”

She said as she was putting the children into the car, N T followed her and continued to scream at her. “She said she was going to kill me and called me bad names,” said the wife.

Then, as she got into the driver’s seat, she said the girlfriend assaulted her, before the husband also joined in.

“He came over and that woman looked at him and yelled at him ‘What are you waiting for?’ Then he joined in the assault,” said D F, who managed to drive away.

D F told police that F F and N T drove after her, then blocked off her car with theirs. She said F F then pulled her out of her car while N T hit her with her purse.

“They then saw a car driving near us so they fled,” said D F, who went to the Jebel Ali police station and reported the incident. “My children were screaming and they saw everything and there is a camera in the villa that can prove what I’m saying,” she told police.

The husband denied all the charges to police, adding that he had already divorced his wife. “D F came to the villa as my fiancee and I were packing because we were moving to a new villa,” said F F, a sales representative.

He said that D F went to the second floor of the villa with their two children and began arguing with his fiancee.

“My fiancee then walked out of the villa to avoid any problems with D F, then I took my children away because D F was screaming loudly,” he said.

He claimed D F followed his fiancee and pulled her hair.

The defendants were not present in court on Monday to enter a plea and the next hearing will be later this month.