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Boy sexually assaulted by hairdresser, Dubai court told

The boy, 10, revealed during a therapy session that he had been repeatedly raped

A boy was repeatedly raped by his hair dresser, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

The Egyptian boy, 10, had been living with his father and his wife, following the death of his mother, and had been receiving therapy and counselling since July.

“After eight months of sessions at Al Amal hospital in Dubai, the therapist asked to meet with me to discuss an important issues,” said the boy’s father, 57.

On February 4, the father met with the psychologist who told him that his son had been raped his the hair dresser several times at his Al Qusais home whenever he was away.

The man said immediately reported the matter to police.

During police questioning, the boy said that whenever his father and wife would go out and leave him and his three siblings, aged between 4 and 12, alone with the defendant, the hair dresser would rape him in his bedroom.

He said he was first sexually assaulted by him in December 2016 when his father called the accused — who works with him at a farming company — and asked him to give his children haircuts and keep them company until he and his wife returned.

“When he arrived, my father and his wife left us alone with him. I was sitting in my bedroom when he came and started chatting with me about school and other things, then he started touching me. I tried to stop him but he was stronger, he then raped me, got dressed and left the room,” said the boy in records.

He said he was raped seven more times, most recently in December last year but he was afraid to tell his father. He said that he was sometimes raped while his father was home but in a different room.

The accused, who was arrested on March 22 at Dubai International Airport while trying to leave the country, denied a rape charge in court and claimed that he had been outside of the country at the time of the alleged assault, but he failed to determine which one of the seven.

He told the court that the boy’s father dropped charges against him and provided a document to support his claim.

The next hearing is scheduled for July 22.

Updated: June 27, 2018 03:10 PM