x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Boy found dead in Dubai Creek drowned 'by accident'

Police have determined that drowning caused the death of a boy whose body was found in Dubai Creek, and that there was nothing suspicious about his death.

DUBAI // A teenager whose body was found in Dubai Creek last month drowned by accident, police said today.

Ammar Atiuddin, 17, of Pakistan, disappeared on May 21 after telling his parents he was going to buy chocolates.

A Dubai Municipality cleaner found his body near the twin towers in Deira two days later.

"They boy must have misjudged the situation in one way or another and ended up in the water," said Lt Col Abdullah Al Mazyoud, director of the ports police station.

A postmortem exam determined that Ammar died from drowning.

"We matched the body's DNA with the father of the boy, and were able to confirm his identity," Lt Col Al Mazyoud said.

The boy's body was released to his parents last Thursday.

Police ruled out foul play but Ammar's father said last week that he suspected his son had been kidnapped and abused before his death.

The family was not available for comment.

Police have not yet determined how Ammar ended up in the water or why he was near the creek, but they are not investigating his death as a crime.

"There are no criminal suspicions in the case," Lt Col Al Mazyoud said.

Police said that when they found the body, the boy was fully dressed and there were no signs of violence.