x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 23 July 2017

Boss 'told us to clean toilet in underwear'

An executive is accused of harassing three female employees.

DUBAI // A 62-year-old company manager ordered female employees to clean his lavatory in their underwear, a court heard yesterday.

"He used to touch my breasts and bottom and ask me to clean his toilet in my underwear before jumping in and attempting to molest me," an Ethiopian saleswoman, 28, told prosecutors.

"Every time I refuse him, he screams insults at me and calls me bad words, so me and the girls decided to take action and report him."

An Algerian clerk, 31, said that when she joined the company the manager asked her to wear revealing clothes and short skirts to seduce customers.

When she refused, she said, he threatened to fire her and have her deported.

"He regularly came close to me and touched my breasts and bottom, and whenever I scolded him he took things lightly and walked away," she said.

"He then started asking me to clean his private toilet in the office, and on a number of occasions he came and tried to have sex with me."

The manager, MF, a Syrian, denies charges of harassing the clerk, the saleswoman and a Filipina worker, 41, over four years.

He told Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance the women were ganging up against him.

The court asked him to present his defence on January 31.