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Bird causes damage to Emirates plane, grounding passengers

A flight from Kolkata to Dubai had to be cancelled on Monday after a bird flying into the plane caused it to need repairs.

DUBAI // A bird hitting an Emirates flight to India caused minor damage, the airline has confirmed.

The incident involving Emirates EK571 took place on Monday during a scheduled flight to Kolkata and the aircraft needed repairs, though the collision did not result in any injuries.

Reports in India suggest the left engine was damaged in the incident. The return flight to Dubai was grounded because of the bird strike.

“Emirates flight EK571 from Kolkata to Dubai on May 8, 2017 was grounded in Kolkata pending repair to minor damage caused by a bird strike,” Emirates said in a statement.

“Arrangements were made to rebook passengers on alternative flights.

“Emirates regrets the inconvenience caused to passengers.”


Updated: May 8, 2017 04:00 AM

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