x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Be generous to people during the Holy Month

Sermon reminds Muslims of importance of helping the poor.

Charitable actions are of utmost importance during the Holy Month of Ramadan, today's sermon reminds worshippers.

The sermon notes that the Prophet Mohammed was most generous during the Holy Month and encouraged his followers to participate in charitable projects, such as sponsoring orphans and offering iftar to those who are breaking their fast.

The sermon refers to sponsoring an orphan as "one of the greatest forms of charity", noting that the Prophet said he was as close to the sponsor of an orphan in heaven as two fingers are to each other.

It also cites a hadith by the Prophet Mohammed which says: "Who provided iftar for a person who is fasting will be given as much reward as him."

The sermon also has suggestions on how to invest.

"Worshippers, an endowment is the best way to invest money," continues the sermon. "How many people benefited from endowments such as building medical centres, schools, universities and mosques?"

Other forms of endowments can provide facilities for people with special needs, aid those in crisis or suffering disaster and close the gap to those in need.