x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Attack on Baniyas goalkeeper leads to three arrests, police say

Men retaliated with knives after argument over cinema seating, according to prosecutors.

DUBAI // Three youth have been arrested in an attack on the goalkeeper of the Baniyas football team in Mirdiff City Centre, police said today.

The fight began as an argument over cinema seating between a man from an unnamed Arab country and an Emirati man, police said.

The goalkeeper, Mohammad Ali Ghuloom, reportedly intervened to solve the problem, which angered the Emirati man, identified as SH.

After the film finished, SH called up two friends, MH and AA, both Emiratis, and they waited for both Mr Ghuloom and the Arab man at the mall's entrance. When the two emerged, SH, MH and AA attacked them with knives, police said.

Neither Mr Ghuloom nor the Arab man, who was not identified, suffered major injuries, police added.