x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Are you facing eviction from your partitioned villa in Abu Dhabi?

Families living in flats within partitioned villas in the capital face the threat of eviction as part of a clampdown on illegally converted homes.

Families living within partitioned villas in Abu Dhabi are facing the threat of eviction. After citywide inspections by Abu Dhabi municipality, many tenants have been warned that their walls in converted villas were built without permission. Some tenants in the capital have already been forced out of their flats to allow walls to be demolished. The move puts pressure on an already limited supply of moderately-priced accomodation in the capital. Some residents said their best option is to return to their home countries. What do you think of the evictions? Are they necessary to protect public safety? Or do you think there's a better way to address this issue, or handle the evictions? Are you facing eviction from a partitioned villa? Have you had difficulties finding alternate accommodation? Tell us your story.