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And the survey says … what North Korea wants it to say

A poll finds that China is the happiest place in the world to live, followed by Cuba and North Korea. Since it was a North Korean survey, you'd think it would have come out on top. Plus more news you can lose.

A new survey has found that China is the happiest place in the world, followed closely by North Korea and Cuba.

The global happiness index gave China a perfect score of 100. Iran and Venezuela round off the Top 5.

By contrast, the United States of America came bottom of the list of 203 countries, which was compiled by Chosun Central Television, based in North Korea.

The survey has prompted a widespread debate on Chinese internet sites. One commentator remarked, "Please send me to the US so I can suffer, too."

Brazilian bites the bullet

A set of dentures saved the life of an elderly Brazilian man when they deflected a bullet during a barroom shoot out.

Zacarias Pacheco de Moraes, 81, was hit in the face when shooting started at the bar he owns in the city of Alta Floresta.

Doctors say the the bullet would have gone through his brain, killing him instantly, had it not taken a deflection off his false teeth.

Once his condition has improved, they plan to remove the bullet, which remains lodged in Mr Pacheco de Moraes's throat.

Got a sliver in my chaps

An outbreak of horse disease has forced rodeo riders at a contest in Utah to use toy hobby-horses.

Competitors at the Davis County Sheriff's Mounted Posse Junior Queen Contest were told they could not use real horses because of an outbreak of equine herpes.

Instead, they were supplied with stick horses, complete with stuffed heads, to "ride" around the ring.

Judges said the fake horses would still allow them to test the riders' knowledge of techniques.

Buried alive, found dead

After persuading a friend to bury him under the ground overnight because he believed it would bring good luck, a Russian man was found dead the next morning.

Investigators in the city of Blagoveshchensk say the man designed an improvised coffin supplied with air tubes and took bottled water and a mobile phone with him.

After burying the coffin with earth, the friend returned the next morning to discover a corpse.

He told police that the unnamed victim believed that the stunt would bring him good luck for the rest of his life.

Investigators think heavy rain may have blocked the air tubes.

Five-star occupation

China has opened a hotel in Tibet, making it the world's highest five-star hotel.

Guests are provided with butlers who provide tips on coping with the altitude at the St Regis in Lhasa, which at 3,657 metres is more than five times the height of the Burj Khalifa.

Rooms are equipped with oxygen cylinders, while the hotel also boasts a spa, swimming pool and two restaurants serving Chinese and local delicacies, including yak meat. Other supplies, such as lobster, are flown in daily.