x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Al Qasimi is 'personality of the year' at UAE literature festival

The author of Mimi's Hair is honoured at this year's festival after she wrote the book, inspired by her daughter.

Author Bodour Al Qasimi has been named personality of the year at this year's literature festival.

Also the founder and chief executive of Kalimat publishing house, her first book, Mimi's Hair, was inspired by her daughter.

"When my daughter Maryam was young, she had a lovely wavy hair," said Al Qasimi, who has three children. "Sometimes, people would ask me if it was her normal hair or beautified."

There was a time when her hair made her feel different from others.

"I tried consoling her by telling she had beautiful hair and that it is great to be different from others but my advice did not help her much," she said. "Then I thought of writing a book. My daughter's hair was the beginning of my journey. My daughter was very excited to see a book under her name. Now she likes her hair."

Al Qasimi stressed the importance of giving children the freedom to choose books without restrictions.

Reading should be supported at home because "today's readers are tomorrow's leaders", she said.

* Asmaa Al Hameli