x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Al Ain demolishes abandoned homes

Al Ain officials are tearing down abandoned houses for health and safety reasons.

AL AIN // The municipality has torn down 40 of 200 abandoned homes in various districts of Al Ain since November, officials said yesterday.

Authorities said the homes were being used for criminal activities and as dumping grounds. The homes were in the Markhaniya, Al Arad and Al Foah districts. Another 160 homes in Al Fag'a, Suweihan, Al Arad, Zakher, Markhaniya, Al Yahar, Al Salamat, Al Maqam and Hili are expected to be demolished by October.

"It was decided to demolish abandoned homes in the city after the municipality received numerous complaints," said Faisal Al Sharif, the head of the lands and property division of Al Ain Municipality. "Abandoned homes pose a serious security risk where criminal and illicit activities take place, where rubbish is dumped and have become homes for feral animals."

Mr Al Sharif said that people who owned abandoned homes should take swift action to repair or rebuild them - or face being charged for the demolition.

"The Al Ain Municipality exerts every effort to maintain the beauty of the oasis city and keep it safe and secure for all," he said.