x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Abu Dhabi warns over Eid Al Adha slaughtering

Abu Dhabi municipality cautions the public against slaughtering outside abattoirs during Eid Al Adha, or face fines.

ABU DHABI // The municipality is warning that people found slaughtering outside official abattoirs during Eid Al Adha face fines of Dh500.

It cautioned the public against slaughtering at homes, streets or public squares and also called on them not to enter slaughter halls as a matter of public health.

Slaughtering fees will be Dh15 for a goat or sheep, Dh40 for a calf or young camel and Dh60 for an older cow or camel. The fees include chopping the slaughtered sheep or goat into four pieces, or camels and cows into six or eight pieces.

All slaughterhouses will remain open from the end of Eid prayer until 6pm on first day and from 6am until 6pm each following Eid days.