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A ‘crazy’ deal that’s not what appears

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Every Tuesday I get a text from a pizza company advertising “Crazy Tuesday”: “39/- Dh for any PIZZA today! Enjoy our ‘CRAZY TUESDAY’ for both DINE-IN and DELIVERY.” I call and ask for wholemeal dough instead of white, and they tell me that is going to be Dh45. I argue the advertisement states Dh39 for “any” pizza. They disagree and I end up paying. Do I have any recourse?

Article 1 of Law no. 4 of 1979 states whoever deceives or attempts to deceive a consumer or a party to a contract may be punished by a jail sentence or a monetary fine between Dh500 and Dh10,000. Therefore, if illusory prices were offered in lieu of deceiving a consumer then the consumer may have a course of action against the seller.

Flights booked with some travel agencies, using airmiles, allow you to change your ticket up to 24 hours before departure time. But branches are often open only Sunday to Thursday 9am to 6pm. If you realise on Thursday at 9pm that you have to change your Sunday flight you are unable to do so. You end up losing your ticket and airmiles. Can this be avoided?

All air tickets or flight itineraries are subject to the terms and conditions of the airline. After carefully assessing the terms and conditions of tickets – concerning rescheduling, cancellation or refund – the customer may send them a request pursuant to the airline. If, however, the terms and conditions are ambiguous then an email may be sent 48 hours before departure to request the change. Any denied request, after following required procedure pursuant to the relevant terms and conditions, may be referred to the consumer complaint department to seek an appropriate remedy.

What action, if any, is it possible to take against a bank to prevent them from constantly calling me to offer loans or credit cards?

Usually when you sign the papers to open a bank account, you accept the terms to receive newsletters, promotions etc from the bank. Upon signing of terms, the bank has a right to send newsletters or promotional schemes. However, if there was no consent in regard to acceptance of terms then the bank is not allowed to keep calling you. You have a right to file a complaint against the bank on the basis of telecommunication law no. 23 of 2003. In accordance with Article 72, a person may be penalised with imprisonment (not exceeding a year) and a fine (not less than Dh50,000) for using telecommunications apparatus in an offensive or disruptive manner or so as to be a nuisance to others.

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