x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

49.3°C posted in Sweihan … it has started again

Temperatures in Sweihan, north-west of Al Ain, reached highs of 49.3°C on Monday.

Temperatures in Sweihan, north-west of Al Ain, reached highs of 49.3°C on Monday.

Hot-air masses from Saudi Arabia were responsible for the rise in temperatures across the country, meteorologists said.

The temperature in Sweihan, recorded at 1.30pm, made it the hottest area in the UAE.

But while the temperature was a degree warmer than that measured in the same place on Sunday, the increase is not unusual for this time of year, said a forecaster at the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.

The centre has predicted maximum temperatures of between 44°C and 49°C for the rest of the week, with the country’s interior and areas close to the Saudi Arabian border expected to be hotter than those on the coast.

Tips for drivers during the summer months include filling tyres with nitrogen to keep them cool inside, and maintaining better inflation pressure. Motorists should also park in the shade whenever possible.

The heat will continue to intensify over the coming months. Last July, motorists were warned about tyre blowouts after the temperature reached more than 50°C, close to the country’s record high of 52.1°C.

Average humidity is expected to reach a maximum of 50 per cent but on Sunday, parts of the Western Region had humidity of up to 90 per cent in the early morning hours.

The weather bureau’s most recent forecast shows cloudy conditions over some eastern areas.

There will be light to moderate winds in general, and conditions at sea in the Arabian Gulf will become rough by Thursday evening.