x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

Nigerian men stole Dh900,000 from transit security guards after using a taser gun on one of them.

DUBAI // Two unemployed men who were convicted of robbery have lost an appeal against their three-year jail sentences.

Nigerians A J, 25, and J K, 23, attacked Transguard Group employees with a taser gun and stole Dh900,000.

The pair had confessed to the armed robbery and carrying a taser at Dubai Criminal Court in March, but they still appealed the sentence.

“We did take the money but it was not our intention to do so,” one of them told the judge.

The Transguard workers were just metres away from reaching their destination, LuLu Village in Al Muhaisnah, on October 13 last year when they were attacked by the Nigerians.

“One of them punched me several times and the other assaulted my colleague with a taser gun, then took away two bags we were carrying and fled in a car that was waiting for them,” said one of the victims, Ugandan W K, 28.

He said he was carrying a bag containing keys used to open ATM machines while his Nepali colleague, M J, 24, was carrying the bag holding the cash.

A man who saw the crime wrote down the number plate of the getaway car and gave it to police, who used it to track down the address of the pair.

“They resisted arrest but we controlled them and took them into custody,” testified police lieutenant M A, 23.

“During investigations they confessed to carrying out the robbery, but said that a third man had planned the whole thing and a fourth was responsible for driving the getaway car.”

The police officer said that the men had bought some items with their share of the money and transferred what remained to their families.

The getaway car was found abandoned in a Dubai industrial area, containing the two emptied bags, two black masks and the taser gun. A forensics report found that the taser produced a 10,000-volt electric shock.

The Nigerians lost their case at Dubai Court of Appeal and will have to complete their sentences before being deported.