x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

Their licences have been permanently cancelled by the traffic police in the city.

Traffic police in Al Ain revoked 55 driving licences on a temporary basis and cancelled another two permanently last month.

The two drivers who had their licences cancelled permanently had reached 24 black points for a fourth time each.

The first time a driver reaches 24 black points, the licence is revoked for three months. Those who reach 24 black points a second time have their licences revoked for six months, and a third time results in a six month ban. Drivers who reach 24 black points four times have their licence permanently cancelled.

Maj Salah Al Humeiri, the chief of traffic police in Al Ain, said the practice of revoking driving licences temporarily had proved successful in reforming the behaviour of many reckless drivers and preventing them from harming themselves and others.