x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Pakistani driver tried to rape the Tunisian woman but settled for robbing her of her sunglasses and two mobile phones after she put up a fight.

DUBAI // A bus driver who bit a woman’s cheek as he tried to rape her has been jailed for a year.

The Criminal Court heard that Tunisian sales manager S W, 27, was attacked on January 22 by the driver at the gate to her home.

“I was waiting for my flatmate to throw down the gate card when a man surprised me from behind and attacked me,” she said.

Pakistani A K, 25, grabbed her arm and they lost balance, falling to the ground.

He hit her on the back of her knees but she grabbed his hair and pulled it as hard as she could.

Then he bit her cheek and she let go of his hair but kept on fighting, so he decided to rob her instead of raping her. He took her sunglasses and two mobile phones but she wrote down his plate number.

“That didn’t happen. I took her stuff because she didn’t pay me,” he said. “I told her I would give her back her stuff if she paid me.”

The bus driver did not explain why she owed him money.

Emirati policeman H H, 27, said the man confessed willingly to charges of attempted rape, theft, drinking alcohol illegally, assaulting her and using his company bus for an illegal purpose.

But in court in April he confess-ed only to the alcohol charge. He was fined Dh2,000 for that and for using his company’s bus for an illegal purpose. He will be deported after his jail term.