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UAE’s satellite plan makes all of us proud

Readers praise Abu Dhabi traffic police's safety campaign ahead of the New Year, as they call for sustained road-safety campaigns throughout 2014. Other topics: UAE satellite, Indian railways, charity
Readers are all praise for Sheikh Mohammed’s vision to lead the country towards steady progress. Above, Sheikh Mohammed launches the executive phases for building the Khalifa-Sat  on Sunday. Wam
Readers are all praise for Sheikh Mohammed’s vision to lead the country towards steady progress. Above, Sheikh Mohammed launches the executive phases for building the Khalifa-Sat on Sunday. Wam

Sheikh Mohammed’s vision is great (Dubai to launch all-Emirati satellite, December 30). But this is not the first Arab satellite. The first one – Arab-Sat 1 – was successfully launched in the 1980s in the Arab World and then other specific satellite programmes emerged here and there.

This will, however, be the first UAE-built satellite, and the first fully proprietary Arab industrial satellite technology programme.

Salah Brahimi, US

(Editor’s note: Mr Brahimi is right to note that Arab-Sat 1 was an Arab satellite project. However, unlike Khalifa-Sat, it was not 100 per cent Arab-built.)

I just adore Sheikh Mohammed for his vision. May God bless him.

Jen Bishop, Abu Dhabi

I hope visions and interests in science and technology such as Sheikh Mohammed’s help revive the Islamic Golden Age. He makes us proud as Muslims, Arabs and Emiratis.

Rashid Alkindi, Pakistan

All of us should respect UAE’s culture and laws

I refer to the article Police watch on hotels to deter drink-drive revellers (December 30). I personally feel that expatriates need to remind themselves where they are and they have to modify their conduct accordingly.

In a tolerant and welcoming society such as ours, it is easy to presume that one can do as one pleases. Not so, in fact. I hope that people will be sensible, stay off the roads if they’ve consumed alcohol, and respect the Islamic norms and values of this great country.

Ahmad Barnard, Dubai

One should respect the culture and people of the nation one lives in or visits. Plus, drink driving is such a terrible idea.

I’ve seen many lives destroyed because of it. Taxis in the UAE are plentiful. It is so much better to grab a cab than risking the lives of others who just want to celebrate the New Year.

Derek Glosson, Abu Dhabi

I am really happy that Abu Dhabi Police has been issuing notifications ahead of the New Year’s Eve, reminding drivers of the dangers of drink driving. Such road-safety campaigns should be sustained throughout the year.

The National, along with the traffic police, has played an important role in the past to bring about an awareness on road safety through a series of campaigns. I urge The National to take road safety as one of its campaign themes for 2014.

Together with traffic and community police departments in all emirates, a renewed traffic campaign should begin and that should continue with sustained interest throughout the year.

Volunteers should also be encouraged to promote road and community safety among people. Thus, an alert group can be formed that can assist the police. Hotel employees, particularly security personnel, should be instructed not to allow a guest to drive away from their premises if they find he or she is under the influence of alcohol. Let “safety first” remain our motto in 2014.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Indian railways need attention

The article Fire highlights India’s need to upgrade its railways (December 28) rightly pointed out that the country’s railway infrastructure is outdated.

Train accidents such as the recent one that occurred in Andhra Pradesh in which 26 people were killed can be averted if the government upgrades the railways. Such accidents are frequent and reflect poorly on the country.

Incidents of fire in trains are mostly caused due to short circuit. Many of them can be avoided if the railway authorities periodically monitored and inspected air-conditioned coaches.

Every compartment also should have a fire alarm that can alert the driver in case of an emergency. Inquiries are routinely conducted into accidents. In this case too, an inquiry will be conducted and possibly the victims’ next of kin will be compensated. But who will take the responsibility for the loss of so many lives?

I pray for the victims and wish speedy recovery of those who sustained injuries.

K Ragavan, India

Doctor’s charity deserves praise

I am commenting on the news article Dubai-based doctor brings hope to Indian villagers (December 28).

Dr Sanjay Parashar, who will perform free operations on children with cleft lips and acid burn victims in Indian villages next month, deserves appreciation.

This is real charity, because the doctor will spend his own money to perform those surgeries on the needy.

Some doctors claim that they offer free services, even though they are paid by NGOs. This has become a common practice in India.

Dr Parashar’s plan to help selflessly shows his real motive to help the needy. Sudhir Singh, India

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