x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Two-forty - that's the speed to beat

With the arrival of the 240kph Formula Rossa ride at Ferrari World, Take Five looks at other examples where that speed is the norm.

Andy Roddick has been known to serve at almost 250kph.
Andy Roddick has been known to serve at almost 250kph.

Although Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has more than 20 attractions to offer, it seems safe to say that all eyes will be on Formula Rossa when the new theme park on Yas Island opens to the public tonight. With a top speed of 240kph, it is the fastest roller coaster on the planet. Here are five people, animals and objects capable of such speeds.

Take Five… Hobby falcon

Also known as Falco subbuteo, this small falcon can dive at speeds as high as 240kph.

Take Four… Acela Express

Ferrying people between New York and Washington via a number of other cities, these hourly trains can reach 240kph.

Take Three… the Puffin

No, not the ungainly seabird, but an electric-powered, one-person aircraft whose design was revealed by Nasa earlier this year. The machine (which has yet to be built) is expected to be capable of 241kph in cruise control.

Take Two... Andy Roddick

Not for nothing is the affable tennis player famous for his serve. Since snatching the record from Greg Rusedski in 2004, Roddick has gone on to outdo himself with a serve of 249.4kph.

Take One… Fred Rompelberg

The Dutch cyclist set two records in 1995 - one for being the world's oldest professional cyclist, the other for wresting the Absolute Speed World Record Cycling title from John Howard. The pace he reached? An incredible 268.831kph.