x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Tweet Talk: the lure of something for nothing

Ellen Degeneres tries to make us laugh, Gwyneth Paltrow flies to Beijing, Neil Patrick Harris warns the world about his co-star, and more in this week's Twitter roundup.

"So a celebrity can just mention a product on Twitter and then they get sent to them for free? OVEN MITTS!!!" Conan O'Brien, November 12

"On my way to Beijing for the first time. Any recommendations for food, sights, traditional medicine, etc.?" Gwyneth Paltrow, November 15

"#LadiesWeWantAnswers What's wrong? And why do you never answer the question??" Ryan Seacrest, November 12

"Celebrated @KendallJenner's Sweet 16 tonite w our family & friends! I remember my sweet 16! It was the perfect nite! She will never 4get it!" Kim Kardashian, November 13

"I love watching #thechew but all it makes me want to do is cook and eat, cook and eat, and so on... lol" Lindsay Lohan, November 15

"At long last, @JasonSegel is live on Twitter. Be warned. Be afraid." Neil Patrick Harris, November 12

"I'm just trying to be a good person." Ashton Kutcher, November 11

"What was the pessimist's blood type? B negative. #ClassicJokeMonday" Ellen Degeneres, November 14