x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Tux: a suitable choice for a woman

Two Emirati designers have started making abayas based on the tuxedo-look.

When it comes to traditional male fashions, women, it would seem, are increasingly wearing the trousers. Take the humble tux, for example, and Tom Ford's autumn/winter 2011 collection of covetable velvet versions for ladies.

Bianca Jagger has been a lifelong fan of the tuxedo and famously wore a white one in 1971 when she married the Rolling Stones frontman Mick. Other leading ladies who've been making strides in silk suits for years include Lauren Bacall, Kate Moss and Lauren Hutton. And few could forget Celine Dion wearing a back-to-front tuxedo and jaunty fedora by Galliano for Dior to the Oscars in 1999.

It was the late great Yves Saint Laurent who made "Le Smoking" or the female tuxedo a wardrobe staple back in 1966. For a woman, the designer said, the suit was an "indispensable garment" which was "continually in fashion" because of its timeless qualities.

His prophetic words have rung true and the style continues to evolve, not least here in the Middle East with Emirati sisters Hind and Reem Beljafla fashioning abayas in line with global trends.

In recent months, the designers have been inundated with orders for their bespoke tuxedos, which start from around Dh2,500.

The pair have given classic tux features such as the ruffled dress shirt a twist, changing the colour from traditional white to pillar-box red. Bow ties, too, are getting similar treatment and come in a variety of customised shades, including gold, silver and of course the classic black.

View the autumn / winter 2011 collection at www.dascollection.com or visit the DAS boutique in Jumeirah 3.