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Turning turtles free a dream come true

A young reader tells how he enjoyed helping the environment by returning tagged turtles to the wild in Dubai. Other letters topics: pool safety, Sim cards and Egypt's future.

A young reader enjoyed doing his bit to save the planet during the Dubai turtle release. Mike Young / The National
A young reader enjoyed doing his bit to save the planet during the Dubai turtle release. Mike Young / The National

I am writing about Morsi pledges 'a new Egypt' (July 1). For the people of Egypt - and for the world - we can only hope that this is the case.

After decaying for many while its rulers and their followers squandered the wealth and resources of the country, it is surely now time for Egypt to embrace every nationality, every religion and any person who can contribute to putting the nation back on the map.

I would start with festivals and concerts to show the rest of the world that every culture is welcome; create sustainable events and clean up the pyramids with a sizeable investment in a decent and well-run tourist centre.

They should get rid of the "pests" that made it so unpleasant to visit the pyramids before, open the city to tourists again and make the Nile the place of beauty it was early in the 20th century.

Put on shows, create a magnificent exhibition centre again and bid for the World Expo. Invite event organisers back and stamp out corruption. Take a million cars off the streets, open the water-taxi terminals and have clean, air-conditioned buses.

We can only hope that a great country becomes great once more.

James Magee, Dubai

Supervision the key to pool safety

While the death of the young boy in a pool is very sad (Farewell to a son, June 29), it seems that such tragedies could be avoided.

All children should know how to swim and there should be strict supervision by parents. Susan Cherrey, Abu Dhabi


Sim cards should be surrendered

I think TRA calls in all Sim cards for registration (June 28) is a good security measure for the country.

However, I have one more suggestion: when somebody cancels their residence visa, their telephone services should be officially withdrawn.

They should be required to return their Sim card, and get a no-objection letter from du or Etisalat, so they cannot pass the Sim on to another person.

Subramaniam Karikalan, Sharjah

So what happened to the passport copy and the other details I gave to Etisalat when I got my phone in the first place? Do I really have to register again?

And why is it that every time I need to do something with the telephone company, I have to go to their service centre? Have they not heard of the telephone?

Why don't they call or email their customers at their own expense, and ask for the details?

Lee Mancini, Dubai

Getting into right zone not so simple

I have just read The mall smoking ban illusion (now you see it, now you don't) (July 1).

What annoys me about smoking in public places here in the UAE is the arbitrary designation of smoking and non-smoking zones.

Of course, by its very nature, smoke will drift across a room from one area to the other, meaning there is no part of an open space left unaffected by poisonous cigarette fumes.

If smoking is going to be permitted indoors, there should be a physical barrier between the two zones, and these areas should have separate ventilation systems.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the simple fact that my right to not get lung cancer outweighs somebody else's right to blow smoke wherever they like.

James Peterson, Abu Dhabi

Puzzled at change to development

In reference to Superheroes find home in Dubai (June 27), what happened to the original City of Arabia project?

Why are the developers announcing a massive new project, with a tight deadline, instead of finishing the old one? Bernard Doff, Dubai


Turtle release a dream come true

I am writing to you regarding the release of 155 turtles into the wild that I attended at A'Mina Al Salam in Dubai last week (More than a thousand turn up for Jumeirah turtle race, June 30).

I had the most wonderful time. We reached the venue by 8am and saw six adult turtles being released with their satellite tags.

Along with my sister, mother and father, I released a juvenile hawksbill. I bid my turtle friend goodbye and good luck, and I was beaming with joy at having a big dream of mine come true.

I wish to participate in more marine protection campaigns and other conservation projects. I have also planted a tree at Mushrif park as part of the Emirates Environment Group campaign.

It's our prime duty to do everything within our means to help support and protect our Earth.

Kudos to the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project for their good work.

Andrew Boby Jacob, Sharjah