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Try harder to interest young people in science, maths and engineering

A reader says fitness and knowledge of science should be inculcated in young people. Other letters touch on residency rules, museums, phones, jet skis and modesty.

Students - like these at a scientific exposition - need to know more about engineering, maths and science, a reader says. Another argues that more cultural education for expatriates is also needed. Fatima Al Marzouqi / The National
Students - like these at a scientific exposition - need to know more about engineering, maths and science, a reader says. Another argues that more cultural education for expatriates is also needed. Fatima Al Marzouqi / The National

Companies need supervision in renting jet skis

A closer watch over jet ski rental companies and the upkeep of their machines is needed (Tighter rules for using jet skis in Abu Dhabi get the thumbs up, August 19).

Three of the five times we have rented, we had something break or run out, apparently due to lack of upkeep. We stopped renting, because of the frustrations involved.

Every jet ski should have some kind of rope harness for towing, and a complaint form.

Deborah Burger, Abu Dhabi


Capital needs more for children

I wish I were reading about a children’s museum, a science museum, and an indoor multi-sport recreational facility, instead of three more malls being built in Abu Dhabi (Luxury shopping mall The Galleria on Al Maryah Island to open this month, August 12).

Officials want to encourage students to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics degrees and professions. And we all want children to be physically fit. So we should note the success of the Science Festival and the obstacle course at Summerfest. Malls and art museums are fine, but is that what is best for residents and Abu Dhabi?

Jennifer Fisher, Abu Dhabi

… and some museums, too

It is always interesting to read Peter Hellyer’s writing as I am eager to gain insight into Emirati cultural. But he writes (There are places for all in the UAE’s multicultural society, August 20) that it is easy to visit museums in this country. Personally I have not found this to be the case in Abu Dhabi.

In Al Ain there are some interesting museums, but it is a bit of a trek. Sharjah also has some excellent facilities. And Dubai has some good resources; my grown children, when visiting, especially enjoyed the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding where the Gulf-style food was delicious and the Emiratis who spoke to us were interesting, candid, and proud of their society.

But in Abu Dhabi, where some magnificent museums are promised for the future, there is at present little in the form of cultural-sharing facilities of any type.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque gives excellent tours where the discussion of culture is encouraged. The Women’s Institute and Heritage Village are small steps in that direction.

But while we are waiting for the Zayed National Museum and the others, still a few years off, perhaps more could be done in the capital to help expatriates learn about the host society.

Elizabete Baums, Abu Dhabi

People know that Messi is the best

This is about Is Ronaldo v Messi a popularity or talent contest? (August 19).

I find your analysis and reasoning intriguing but nevertheless wrong. The Ballon d’Or isn’t an award targeting teams’ success; if it were neither Ronaldo nor Messi should receive it, but Franck Ribéry.

However, there are many better players than Ribary. I think the news programme 60 Minutes summed it up perfectly; Messi is the best ever and anyone truly understanding football seconds this belief, the voters for this award are knowledgeable persons.

Gidon Zaft, US

Japanese volcano photos amazing

Thank you for the photos, on thenational.ae, of the volcano in Japan (In pictures: Volcano erupts over Japanese city, August 19). Mother Nature is phenomenal at times.

Clare L’Estrange, Abu Dhabi

How to measure phone sales?

I must disagree with Nokia beats Samsung, Apple for dominance in UAE mobile market (August 20).

If we look at the market share (and value) for smartphones, application downloads, and mobile internet usage, Nokia would not be in first place.

Darius Labelle, Dubai

Idea of modesty can be relative

I refer to The past is a foreign country, they dress differently there (August 19). My wife and I had the same conversation about modesty in clothing, during our summer holiday in Canada. But in our case, the change from Abu Dhabi standards made us feel more comfortable and less prudish. We also enjoyed seeing women and men in crowds, talking to each other.

A Smyth, Abu Dhabi

Dialogue is always the best approach

What is happening in Egypt is a testimony that violence is never the best way to resolve issues. Dialogue is always the best.

Chris Anosikecc Chinedu, Dubai