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Tributes for two heroes who were taken too soon

Tributes have been paid to charity worker Mubashir Niaz and traithlete Roy Nasr, who both died in tragic circumstances. Other topics: the Indian rape case, traffic congestion in Dubai.

A colleague praises the dedication of Abu Dhabi-based charity worker Mubashir Niaz, who died in Pakistan.
A colleague praises the dedication of Abu Dhabi-based charity worker Mubashir Niaz, who died in Pakistan.

I refer to James Doran's story The tragic fate of a dedicated charity worker (September 9), about Mubashir Niaz

Mubashir was my colleague at Mott Macdonald Abu Dhabi and a family friend.

We all are so stunned and shocked by Mubashir' s sudden departure. He was a great friend, a great colleague and a mentor.

He dedicated so much of his time for his passion - the charity Health, Education, Environment and Development (Heed), set up in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake which claimed 75,000 lives in Kashmir, Pakistan.

It is a noble humanitarian cause and, as you reported, Mubashir gave his life in the line of duty.

Mubashir was certainly a "larger than life" person who contributed so much to the lives of many people in many ways.

He will be remembered and missed forever.  

The coverage in The National - online and, especially, in print - was outstanding.

I am writing to say thank you on behalf of myself and all Mubashir's colleagues.

Sheheryar Aslam, Abu Dhabi

I refer to Star triathlete laid to rest (September 11) about the funeral of champion athlete Roy Nasr.

Roy, may you rest in peace and grace. I pray that your family will be given strength to help them through their grief at this difficult time.

Bassem P Fakhry, Dubai

Gang rapists don't deserve leniency

I am writing in reference to Four face hanging for India rape and murder (September 11).

According to the report, a juvenile who also took part in the attack on the woman in New Delhi was handed down a correctional sentence of just three years.

Any male with such a sick mentality does not deserve such a light sentence, irrespective of his age. There is absolutely nothing one can do to cure such men.

As for the other defendants, it is such a shame that there is even a lawyer who agreed to defend them.

These monsters should be given the death penalty, and even then their ordeal will be easy compared to the brutality they used on the girl, who subsequently died.

The only way to deter men from rape is to introduce capital punishment. Governments worldwide need to understand this.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

JLT traffic issues need a solution

JLT traffic brought to stop by car breakdown (September 10) was no surprise.

The traffic problems at Jumeirah Lakes Towers are about as old as the community itself, and very little effort seems to have been made to fix the problem over the past three years.

In the absence of a real solution, the daily nightmares will continue for a very long time.

In fact, I suspect things may even get worse as this mixed-use community of almost 80 high-rise towers fills up further.

I'm just glad we moved out last year.

Name withheld by request

I don't believe that the master developer is doing its best to address the traffic congestion at JLT.

We have been in the area for the past two years and it was never as bad as this before.

Why break down a system that was working?

Also, the new arrangements due to the roadwork are nonsense, because there are now traffic lines that remain idle.

C Riza, Dubai

Plea for cheaper cinema tickets

Cinemas agree to waive online booking charge (September 6) is great news.

But it would be even nicer if these cinemas could introduce reduced priced tickets on weekdays for families who cannot afford the Dh35 ticket price.

Name withheld by request

Mall overhaul is a green opportunity

I refer to Mall of the Emirates in major revamp (September 11), about the Dh1 billion expansion of the Dubai shopping centre.

I hope the developers decide to install solar panels that can help provide shade and electricity at the same time.

Cyndi Harrington, Dubai

The Mall of the Emirates is being renovated - already?

It's still a young mall.

Caroline Wareham, Dubai