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Tribute to true pioneers of sport

A reader praises an Olympic exhibition featuring Arab women athletes. Other letter topics: abandoned cars at the airport, Ramadan working hours and the shortage of intensive-care beds at hospitals.
A reader applauds an exhibition featuring female Arab athletes including Sarra Besbes. Courtesy Brigitte Lacombe
A reader applauds an exhibition featuring female Arab athletes including Sarra Besbes. Courtesy Brigitte Lacombe

In reference to Student aims to attract more Emiratis to the UAE's museums (July 29), congratulations to the doctoral student in question, Mona Al Ali.

Her research is a vital part of determining the best methods of marketing museums to UAE citizens young and old, from secondary school students on field trips to tourists and meeting and convention planners.

I visited all the Sharjah museums in 2010 and was greatly impressed by each one.

The only thing more impressive was the calibre and interest of those working for the Sharjah Museums Department (SMD) at all levels.

I had the honour of working with SMD trainers, and a more intelligent and enthusiastic class would be impossible for me to remember from the more than 25,000 people I have worked with over 30 years.

Ms Al Ali and the SMD have done well.

Tom Pattillo, Canada

Photos pay tribute to true pioneers

Sporting lives through a lens (July 29) reveals some great work on a great project.

I salute this initiative of displaying photographs and video to demonstrate the physical and emotional strength of Arab women in sport.

Good luck to these amazing women; they are truly paving the way in sport and surpassing other challenges.

Zeina Abdo, Abu Dhabi

Women are wise, but lack equality

In reference to Tip for men is invest like a girl (July 27), it might be easer to say that women invest and men gamble.

The reason for the global meltdown was not the Y chromosome, it was greed - institutionalised greed with a gross failure of ethics.

The market needs both men and women: men to make the risky investments that can result in failure or innovation; and women to make the smart, sensible investments that result in sustained business.

However, we should stop fighting a gender war on every front. Perhaps our time could be better spent getting women equal pay and equal career opportunities, especially in the "developed world" where it seems equality has turned into exploitation.

In some places, a woman can go topless on a beach and have her pictures posted on the internet but she can't expect a promotion or equal pay.

Junaid Rahman, Dubai

Abandoned cars send a message

I recently visited Abu Dhabi International Airport's short-term car park and was shocked to see many cars there completely covered in dust.

Some of them had punctured tyres and the dust was inscribed with graffiti, so I guessed that they had been there for a long time. This was confirmed when I visited 10 days later and the same vehicles were still there.

I am not sure whether these are cars parked in the wrong place by travellers who are on long holidays or they have been abandoned by people who have left the country for good.

Graffiti on one of them saying "Gone fishing" made me think the latter might be the case.

I hope the relevant authorities at the airport can remove these vehicles, as they provide an unpleasant sight for visitors.

With several key events scheduled to happen immediately after Ramadan, this is one thing the authorities should take into consideration in their efforts to continue to keep the city neat and clean.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Sentence seems not to fit crime

Reading Jail for Dubai prostitute thrown out of window (July 27), most people would think the man who assaulted her deserved a jail term of more than three months.

Eric Sandler, Abu Dhabi

Need for hospital beds is critical

I was concerned to read Intensive-care beds shortage as occupancy rate hits 90 per cent (July 29).

While the figure of 90 per cent may seem acceptable, the system needs the flexibility to cope with an unexpected outbreak of disease or a major traffic accident.

I hope, and fully expect, that the Health Authority will move quickly to remedy the situation.

Terri Holt, Dubai

Ramadan hours apply to everyone

A little planning goes a long way (July 22) is right regarding Ramadan working hours.

They are applicable to everybody regardless of their religion or position in a company.

Vincent Aymard, Abu Dhabi

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