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Treat the bullies as criminals

A reader urges that the attackers of Lujain Hussein be treated as criminals. Other topics: climate change, driving, domestic abuse

A reader calls for treating the attackers of Lujain Hussein as criminals. Silvia Razgova / The National
A reader calls for treating the attackers of Lujain Hussein as criminals. Silvia Razgova / The National

The headline of the article Abu Dhabi schoolgirl Lujain Hussein makes full recovery after bullying assault (March 30) is misleading as she hasn’t made a full recovery. She has suffered a permanent vision impairment. She is also suffering from post-traumatic stress. Another misnomer is to say she was bullied. She was actually assaulted, if we consider the intensity of her injuries.

Those who attacked her are still at large and, according to the article, have no remorse for their actions. I would like to know if the girl got justice so that she no longer feels afraid.

Name withheld by request

Climate-change theories are not convincing

I am writing in reference to the article Global warming dials up risks on all continents, United Nations report says (March 31).

Not long ago, the whole world was inundated with headlines about pandemics like Sars and bird flu. Millions were going to die. Before that, we had warnings about the devastation of whole African nations due to Aids. Books like Countdown to Doomsday were top sellers. Then there were the news reports and documentaries about imminent worldwide food shortages and mass starvation due to burgeoning world populations.

The global warming lobby can’t get next week’s weather forecast right, despite all their modelling. So how are so many people willing to part with more taxes to “study” and “research” our imminent doom due to climate change? So many people wrongly believe that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. For scientists to condone this viewpoint is a corruption of science and a fraud against chemistry.

For many, it is both fashionable and comfortable to follow the climate change trend, just the same as it was when even the Vatican said that the Sun revolved around the Earth. That was the consensus then. It probably was a sin to think otherwise, and just look what happened to Galileo when he denied this.

I’m sure that the majority of ordinary people know innately that the world’s climate has always changed, with or without our presence. Only recently have we learnt that the climate on Mars has changed over time, even without humans. How inconvenient.

Brian Casey, US

Compel drivers to follow the rules

I refer to the article Education call for lane change crashes (April 1). I have to say that in the UK the driving test and lessons are tough.

You must be able to do all types of driving. It’s the same in Canada. I realise that many people who have had proper driving lessons don’t always follow the rules. However, for the most part if it is properly policed and drivers know they will be penalised for dangerous driving or improper signalling or whatever they do that endangers themselves as well as others, the rules of the road will be adhered to.

Jen Bishop, Abu Dhabi

I remember the reaction of a reader to a similar article in another newspaper 15 years ago, saying: “Why should I indicate? It’s none of your business where I’m going.”

Cathy Lee, Abu Dhabi

Domestic violence needs attention

It is disappointing to see that domestic violence against women and children has tripled (Domestic violence triples in three years, March 31).

Many articles and comments have been written and yet it seems we are still at the same point. I would love to sit down with Mohammed Al Dhahani, the head of the family prosecution section at Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, and give my suggestions.

I suffered over a two-year period and still continue to be harassed and threatened. I have suggested that police be allowed to act when they get a domestic abuse call (which did not happen to me). I have pleaded for a safe shelter for women and kids rather than them having to suffer in silence (I was told to go home and go to the court the next day).

I have begged for female police officers to escort victims testifying in court rather than being threatened right outside the judge’s chambers.

I have also asked that severe penalties, rather than a Dh1,000 fine, fit the crime, considering that I was kicked in the head and eye. It is disturbing to realise these things go on but the sooner we admit it, the sooner we can save women who are going through it right now as you read this letter.

I don’t mind being a voice or a motivator, so that I can help women and children like me and my Emirati children.

Name withheld by request