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Traditional crops can flourish in UAE

A reader says agriculture does make sense in the desert, as long as the right crops are grown. Other topics: dangerous driving, poor parenting and YouTube stardom.

A reader says farming is viable in the UAE, but the emphasis should be on traditional crops. Razan Alzayani / The National
A reader says farming is viable in the UAE, but the emphasis should be on traditional crops. Razan Alzayani / The National

Traditional crops can flourish in UAE

I am writing in reference to your editorial We can't use water at this rate forever (March 28).

Agriculture in the UAE makes good sense.

However, what needs to be grown is what has been traditionally grown in this region - plants that can grow in sand with a couple of days of rain per year.

E Zabalawi, Dubai

Opportunity for Gulf nations to help Africans

I salute Desertec Industrial Initiative chief executive Paul van Son for his statement on why it's ideal to invest in Africa and specifically on renewable energy (DII chief calls for GCC to invest in North Africa energy, March 24).

Most of the homes in Africa are not connected to national electrical grids, and there are insufficient solar panels.

This could present an opportunity for the continent to develop, and any initiative deserves support from the Gulf states.

This investment should help lead to a more politically stable climate in Africa, allowing for more job opportunities and prosperity for African people.

However, it is also important to identify the challenges that hold the African nations back from investing in renewable energy.

Michael W, Kenya

Lorries and drivers both need tests

I am writing in reference to Lorry driver charged over bus crash (March 28).

To help avoid any more of these types of devastating accidents in future, there should be more stringent tests both for the drivers of heavy vehicles and for the vehicles themselves.

I have noticed during my travels that some of these drivers think they are driving a Formula One car judging by the way they take corners, overtake and drive so close to the car in front.

They seem to be oblivious to the heavy load they are carrying and the fact that it takes these large lorries a much greater distance to stop in an emergency than it does for a smaller vehicle.

Jill Thompson, Dubai

Making stardom easier to attain

I was interested to read Cowell turns to YouTube to find new talent (March 20).

This is a clever step by Simon Cowell, as it will make auditioning for his talent show easier.

It will allow people all around the world to "give it a shot", as almost everyone has access to the internet these days.

I hope this will give every talented person the same probability of being chosen. It will also save money for the producers, as they won't have to scout so much.

Muhammad Abdullah Shafiq, Sharjah

Words of wisdom about marriage

Asmaa Al Hameli's blog post, Marriage is like a garment that gives you comfort (March 25), was a wise piece of writing.

Unfortunately, too many young people see marriage as a platform for unrealised needs and ambitions, or as a social statement.

M Matthew, Dubai

Poor parenting hurts society

Ayesha Al Khoori's blog post Sex, drugs and rape ... I blame the parents (March 19) reveals the outcome of bad or no nurturing in some homes.

The basic contributing factors to this situation include the over-reliance on maids as primary carers, along with no sense of ethics and morality.

As long as people opt for the easy way out on parenting, society will continue to suffer.

Joe Burns, Dubai

Private enterprise is the growth area

In reference to Hundreds attend university forum (March 27), when will the message hit home that this region has a young population and a saturated public-sector job availability?

Graduates need to be incentivised to seek private-sector employment or start up their own businesses.

Name withheld by request

Not impressed with safari park

I have read First hunting resort to open in UAE (March 26), and I am surprised that the relevant authorities have approved a resort like this.

Isn't it against the UAE's animal-protection law?

M Magda, Dubai