x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Today’s top picks: The Broken Circle Breakdown, Once Upon A Time in the West and InRealLife

Our top picks for Friday's ADFF watching: The Broken Circle Breakdown, One Upon a time in The West and InRealLife

The Broken Circle Breakdown

9.30pm Marina Mall Vox Cinemas 3

Taking the chronological trickery of Blue Valentine, this clever Flemish drama skips between the past and present to lay bare the moving and electrifying love story of a punk tattoo artist and a bluegrass-loving cowboy. Having watched these two first meet, we’re then transported forward to see how the suffering of their ill daughter drives them apart. While the future of this relationship is one shaped by misery, by repeatedly turning back the clocks we’re offered regular bouts of joy.

Once Upon A Time in the West

9pm Emirates Palace

As one of the few chances you’ll get to see Sergio Leone’s epic Spaghetti Western – now digitally restored – on the big screen, you should saddle up and grasp this opportunity by the reins. It’s got everything you’d expert from one of the masters of cinema; lush widescreen landscapes, a classic Enrico Morricone score, and a story involving a character with no name, Charles Bronson’s mysterious man with a harmonica. It’s also one of Leone’s longest, nearly touching the three-hour mark, so you might want to bring a cushion.


6pm Marina Mall Vox Cinemas 6

A documentary whose subject is one concerning much of the world, InRealLife takes us from the bedrooms of British teenagers to Silicon Valley in an attempt to discover what the internet is actually doing to our children. Despite the continued push for free and open connectivity, this unsettling film suggests that young users are becoming increasingly trapped in a commercial world that is both alienating and addictive, and should help spark a wide range of important debates.