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Timbuktu library attack an atrocity against historical seat of learning

Women victims of sexual abuse must get social support. Other topics include driving, Timbuktu, Kamalahasan.

A reader says the torching of a library in Timbuktu was an atrocious act. Benoit Tessier / Reuters
A reader says the torching of a library in Timbuktu was an atrocious act. Benoit Tessier / Reuters

We must extend help to victims of sexual abuse

I am happy that the "woman hunter" has been arrested (Attacker who raped women at knifepoint in lifts at night is caught by police, February 3).

Women must remain alert at all times. They should be given enough information on support facilities available for victims of sexual assault, and should be encouraged to report any incident of sexual abuse to the police. We must work together to keep our society free from such threats.

M Carr, Abu Dhabi

Get the name of actor right

It is important to spell the name of the actor correctly when you mention him in your report (State bans Muslim 'terrorist' film, February 1).

The correct spelling of the actor's name is Kamalahasan, not Kamal Hassan, as has been spelt out in this particular report.

Many newspapers have misspelt his name. But that does not justify this error.

Mohamed Ismail, Sharjah

Drivers reluctant to follow the rules

Many motorists don't know how to negotiate roundabouts (Bad habits drive instructors crazy, February 2). They pose a danger to others. Another problem with many drivers in the UAE is that they are reluctant to use indicators. At times I get so frustrated I think I will stop using indicators also.

It is also absolutely essential to keep an eye on your inside and wing mirrors. Some drivers here - good, careful drivers, please excuse me - will overtake you even in a supermarket car park. You can't do that. I am a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists in the UK, and I think I know what I am saying.

Michael Sayers, Abu Dhabi

The UAE roads are dangerous. Hence, one must drive carefully and only if one is confident enough to do so. It's also necessary that drivers follow the traffic rules to ensure their own safety, as well as that of others.

Teri Adams, Abu Dhabi

Timbuktu library attack is a crime

Referring to the report, Timbuktu has a song in its heart again (February 3), the torching of the library by rebels in Timbuktu was one of the worst atrocities committed against an institution of historical learning since the Germans torched the library at the University of Leuven in Belgium in 1914. Tim Upham, Washington