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This is not the director they're looking for

A reader says fans are disappointed with the choice of Star Trek director JJ Abrams to helm the new Star Wars film. Other topics: child safety, reading, North Korea and Kim Dotcom.

A reader says many fans will not be happy with news that JJ Abrams is to direct the new Star Wars film. AFP / Lucasfilm
A reader says many fans will not be happy with news that JJ Abrams is to direct the new Star Wars film. AFP / Lucasfilm

Insurers should monitor supply of medicines

I am writing in reference to Insurers take a scalpel to hospital spending (January 27).

I became concerned about this trend several years ago when I realised that when filling prescriptions, hospital pharmacies would supply boxes of drugs rather than the exact amount prescribed.

In one case, I received much more than the prescribed amount. I was meant to receive 10 pills of each of three medicines, but I got a box of 20 for one drug and boxes of 24 for the other two.

I believe this kind of overselling should be addressed, as it would save the insurance companies from paying for pills that will just be thrown out.

R MacLaren, Dubai


Reading campaign deserves support


Thank you for Push to get public hooked on reading (January 26).

Hopefully, the publicity you have given to this initiative will encourage even more people to help promote it and make use of it.

I do hope an Arab celebrity gets behind the campaign and encourages young people to read.

Being able to read and write is the pathway to all other knowledge.

Michael Martin, Dubai

Children's safety a priority for all

Boy, 5, falls to death from open third-floor window in his home (January 26) is a tragic reminder for parents to childproof their residences.

You can't watch children for every second of every day. They can move quickly and they often do not realise the dangers that are in front of their eyes.

A safety audit of your home would take a short time, and may require a small investment in locks or other security devices.

Whatever the cost, it is worth it to save a precious human life.

Mary Morris, Dubai

Big audience for a very big match

I was not at all surprised to read Record number of viewers watch UAE's Gulf Cup victory over Iraq (January 25).

In fact, I would not be surprised if the actual number of viewers was higher than the 400,000 reported in your article.

I know that televisions in many public places - restaurants and hotels among them - were tuned in to the game, with dozens of viewers for each screen.

R Higgins, Abu Dhabi

Not the man we were looking for

I felt a strong disturbance in the Force when I read JJ Abrams to direct next Star Wars (January 27).

I have no objection to Abrams; in fact, I really enjoyed his 2009 reboot of Star Trek. But that's the problem; like many others, I believe the universes of Star Trek and Star Wars are separate and should remain that way.

I'm not suggesting that Abrams, whose technical capabilities I do not doubt, will have Mr Spock turn up in a cantina scene, but he may well bring a certain sensibility and style to the films that could be at odds with George Lucas's original vision.

Lucas has wisely handed over the reins of the franchise to Disney, knowing that others are now better placed to handle it. However, I think many Star Wars fans who yearn to see films more like the original trilogy than the recent prequels would have been happier with someone other than Abrams at the helm.

Of course, the reality is that we'll all go and see Star Wars VII, if only so we can complain about it.

S Lang, Dubai

More to Dotcom than meets the eye

I enjoyed reading your profile article, Kim Dotcom, a mega player with problems (January 25).

I had no idea about his background and previous adventures; I just thought he was some guy making money by enabling people to share computer files on a "don't ask, don't tell" basis.

Charles Grundy, Dubai

China must lead over North Korea

I agree with the opinions expressed in the letter Wrong priorities in North Korea (January 27).

The sad truth is that Kim Jong-un is highly unlikely to budge from his position. In fact, he seems to take pride in his recalcitrance. I suppose that by generating the impression that the whole world is against North Korea, he feels he is somehow insulating himself from any potential internal threat.

At the moment he listens to nobody's counsel, including that of his only "friends" in China.

While China may have its own reasons for not taking a firmer hand, only its threat of direct consequences - and the will to carry through on that threat - will make any difference.

N Sloane, UK