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The Janet Jackson concert failed to live up to a letter-writer's hopes

Our coverage of the opening of Oman's opera house draws criticism, the situation in Syria is despised, property develops are cautioned and a reader tells us to stop covering Kim Kardashian.

A reader says that Janet Jackson's concert at Yas Island on Thursday night was disappointing, saying that the singer herself was fine but that the production and the sound system were not up to par. Andrew Henderson / The National
A reader says that Janet Jackson's concert at Yas Island on Thursday night was disappointing, saying that the singer herself was fine but that the production and the sound system were not up to par. Andrew Henderson / The National

Oman's new opera house sparks debate (October 13) took no interest in the actual opening of the Opera House in Muscat, but tried to criticise the event.

The vision of Oman 2020 is to focus on tourism to create jobs. One vital element in attracting tourism in any country is to create places of entertainment.

If someone is to debate the justification of the Opera House they have to provide a clear study and their findings, not assumption or doubtful sources of information.

Oman has sufficient resources to create jobs for all Omani citizens, but it would be a mistake to expect the government to take all of the responsibility. The private sector and wealthy Omanis are also responsible to invest.

For all Omanis, the opening of the Opera House should be a moment of pride.

Farid Al Bahri, Oman


UN should protect Syrian civilians

Syria deaths top 3,000, GCC calls emergency meeting (October 15) shows that human life has not been valued by the Syrian regime. One of the historic places in the Middle East is losing its charm.

Protesters should not damaging public or private property, but at the same time armed forces should treat them with dignity.

The world's nations and UN should protect innocent civilians. The initiative of the GCC should be applauded.

K Ragavan, India

Developers made too many errors

I refer to your story Dilemma for Dubai developers (October 14).

The first error was building high-priced properties with no relationship to market reality.

The second was building too many. The third was thinking that the bubble would not burst.

The fourth was failing to understand that few people will invest in a country where their visas must be renewed every two years.

All this put together is a tough grind for developers and their bankers. This is going to take a long long time to fade.

Dr KB Vijayakumar, Dubai

Jackson show was disappointing

I don't agree with your story Jackson is No 1 with Yas crowd (October 14).

I was disappointed in the Abu Dhabi show. Janet was good, but the overall production was not. And the sound was very poor.

Name withheld by request

Europe inches toward solution

Your report Euro rescue plan takes shape (October 15) fits right into my theory: under the lash of real danger, people can figure out a way to do the right thing.

As the euro crisis goes on, those in high places are coming to understand better each day that if the European countries don't hang together they will each hang separately, as the old saying goes.

The worst can be averted. The problem though is that at each stage, only the minimum will be done, and true reform of the flawed notion of a currency union still remains a long way off. Still, to use another old saying, little victories are better than none.

Peter Burrell, Doha

Ukraine's shame over Tymoshenko

I was delighted to read that EU may cancel Ukraine PM's visit (October 15). I hope they do keep him out.

The trial and sentencing of the former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko was a farce and an outrage, and the whole government of Ukraine richly deserves to be shamed and to understand that this sort of treatment of political opponents is just not acceptable.

Gerry Lukaniuk, Abu Dhabi

Too much of Kim Kardashian

I am puzzled by the slavish attention your newspaper, and other media, devoted to a C-list "celebrity" with no real accomplishments to her name (Kim Kardashian lands in Dubai, checks in at AtlantisThe Palm, October 12, and several subsequent stories).

This talent-free woman was merely here to make some money promoting a milkshake outlet and to scout out possibilities for her own branded products.

Isn't there anyone more interesting you could have been covering?

Basem Khoury, Dubai

Tough texting fines are needed

Your story BBM cuts 'led to fewer crashes' obviouslybegs for tough fines, of perhaps Dh3,000, for anyone using a mobile phone while driving.

If we had been intended to drive and use a mobile communication device at the same time, then we would have been born with more eyes.

Ahmet Kianin, Dubai