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The great ID waiting game

Many expatriates are panicking because they waited until the deadline to sort out their identity cards, a reader says. Other letter topics: the Doha mall tragedy, school violence and Maradona's record as a coach.

Waiting until the last minute to apply for an Emirates ID is asking for trouble, a reader says. Jeff Topping/The National
Waiting until the last minute to apply for an Emirates ID is asking for trouble, a reader says. Jeff Topping/The National

The Doha mall fire was such a tragedy and a reminder that safety should never be taken for granted.

No matter how well trained the mall staff are, if the public in the mall is not aware of a fire or doesn't react appropriately to a fire alarm, there will be tragedies.

Having lived in the UAE for almost four years, and having been in places where fire drills are sometimes held, I find it alarming just how often people ignore the alarms, don't focus on the drill and don't follow the procedures seriously.

People in the UAE must begin to take such things seriously or tragedies will continue to happen.

In some countries, families practise emergency drills in their homes, and most businesses and public places have drills on a regular basis, in all sorts of weather.

Perhaps such programmes should be started in schools and by government organisations here.

C Risberg, Abu Dhabi

Leaving to the end causes an ID crisis

Regarding ID centres insist they can handle rush to beat deadline (May 28), I don't know why most expatriates wait until the last minute of a deadline in government matters, then become panicked and sick with worry.

As long as we are living in this country we have to respect and obey its laws.

However, on behalf of all expatriates, I respectfully request that the Emirates ID Authority extend the deadline one more time. KP Muhammad, Abu Dhabi

School violence figures shocking

I was concerned to read Warning over classroom violence (May 30). It is alarming that there have been 89 cases of violent behaviour by teachers and pupils in Dubai schools in the past 16 months.

Of course, each case is different, but perhaps there are some common causes that could be addressed.

Schools should be places where everybody respects each other and the focus is on learning.

Jason Smith, Dubai

Realism rules in dress debate

I admire Lt Col Mohammed Rashid Al Muhairi's realistic views in Call for crackdown on skimpy clothing (May 29).

It would be highly inappropriate to have "hot pants" prevention security teams at the entrance of each shopping mall, as suggested by one radio presenter.

R Maroun, Dubai

I agree with the Emirati girls' attitude towards modest clothing. Respect for the host country's culture is something I follow everywhere I travel or when I live abroad.

Olivia Ferreira, Abu Dhabi

A number can keep a child safe

Regarding Talk to tots about strangers (May 29), I would also encourage parents to put their business card or phone number in their child's pocket or on a necklace at all times.

I have found lost children in shopping malls and asked if they knew their mother or father's phone number, but they did not.

In both cases, I stayed with the children until their guardians returned. We all have a responsibility to keep children safe.

Ellan Fabri, Dubai

Perplexed over description

Ali Al Saloom's A simple lens captures life best (May 25) was a really good article about photographic skills.

However, I am surprised that Noor Ali Rashid is mentioned in the article as a "Pakistani-born" photographer when he was a naturalised Emirati.

He truly was an amazing photographer but I find it strange that you have described him in this way.

M Hasan, Dubai

Maradona not a great coach

I wonder what coaching reputation your correspondent considered was "on the line" for Maradona (Reputation on the line for Maradona, May 29).

He co-coached club sides Mandiyu in the mid-1990s with little success. This was somehow followed a decade later by elevation to national coach for Argentina where he presided over a star-studded team that barely qualified for the 2010 World Cup, incurring a national record 6-1 defeat to Bolivia in the process, and were then eliminated in the quarter finals.

This has been followed by taking a UAE club side to below mid-table position.

Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson are true coaching legends.

I'm afraid Maradona's standing as a coach is a figment of his own imagination.

Steve Peacock, Abu Dhabi