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The Force is with Disney

A Star Wars fan supports George Lucas's decision to sell the right to the famous film franchise. Other letter topics: climate change, blood donations and man-made disasters.

A reader is pleased that filmmaker George Lucas has sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney. Chris Pizzello / AP
A reader is pleased that filmmaker George Lucas has sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney. Chris Pizzello / AP

Two disasters that teach us about man's inhumanity

I was interested in the juxtaposition of the stories Merciless storm grounds 18,000 flights and Warplanes pound Damascus suburbs, which were on facing pages of your November 1 edition.

One tells of the aftermath of a natural disaster, the other is about the misery that people are inflicting on each other.

As awful as it was for those in the middle of it, Hurricane Sandy came and went within days, and people rallied to help each other in its aftermath. Yet there is no end in sight to the civil war in Syria.

We can predict bad storms and take action to minimise their effects, but it seems that we cannot mitigate whatever it was that made Bashar Al Assad turn his guns on his own people.

N Michaels, Dubai

Climate change warnings ignored

I write in reference to 100,000 flee homes in cyclone devastation (November 1).

Could it be that humanity has contributed to that disaster by largely ignoring climate change warnings?

E Burns, Australia

Efforts to save men appreciated

Trapped window cleaners rescued (October 31) is good news.

These people's jobs are among the lowest paid, but they have the highest risk. Congratulations to those who worked to save them.

Tatti Uy, Dubai

Donation centre needs support

Blood-donation centre to open (November 1) is very good news.

I suffer from a condition that requires occasional blood transfusions, and I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to those who take the time to donate.

Having donated myself in the past, I can guarantee that it doesn't hurt, and it doesn't make you sick (although you may feel a little faint for a short time afterwards).

What it does do is give people with illnesses such as mine, and accident victims who need blood urgently, a new lease on life.

I encourage everyone who can to take the time to donate.

T Decker, Dubai

Flydubai shows how it's done

It's very creditable indeed for a start-up airline to break even within five years (Flydubai looks to soar into black, November 1).

The crew at Kingfisher could learn a lesson or two from Flydubai about how to run an airline.

D Chandrasekhar, India

Sale a boost for fantasy franchise

I know some fans are appalled at the news that George Lucas has sold out to Disney (Star Wars moves on to the next galaxy, November 1).

However, I see this as excellent news. As the second trilogy demonstrated, Lucas has run short of ideas about what to do with the Star Wars franchise.

The people at Disney have successfully reinvigorated the Marvel universe, culminating in the recent blockbuster The Avengers, so I think the Star Wars characters are in safe hands.

It will be a bonus if, as suggested in the article, part of the seventh Star Wars film is shot in the UAE.

And if Mr Lucas needs any help spending the billions he pocketed in the deal, he only needs to drop me a line.

Colin Richards, Abu Dhabi

Separating waste a good first step

I was pleased to read Landfill for hazardous waste open soon (November 1).

Separating dangerous material from general waste is, however, just a beginning. I hope the UAE authorities strive to achieve world's best practices in this field.

Joan Ryan, Dubai

Food for thought in farm purchase

I was intrigued to read UAE's food delivery service (November 1) because I had no idea that companies here were actually buying farming land in other countries.

While this does offer some food security to the nation, as the story suggests, it still means that efficient supply chains need to be established and maintained.

J Johansson, Abu Dhabi

Concern over wedding deaths

I was shocked by 23 dead in wedding tragedy in Saudi Arabia (November 1).

The practice of firing guns at weddings really must be reviewed.

Elizabeth Grant, Dubai