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The Bluebird of happiness

A reader agrees that an old Datsun model was a wonderful car. Other letters topics today: twins and triplets, Afghanistan, peacemakers, cats and birds, and a controversial rape verdict.

The UAE is paradise for motoring enthusiasts, as one reader was reminded last week after reading about Mubarak Al Mansouri's 1973 Datsun Bluebird SSS. Silvia Razgova / The National
The UAE is paradise for motoring enthusiasts, as one reader was reminded last week after reading about Mubarak Al Mansouri's 1973 Datsun Bluebird SSS. Silvia Razgova / The National

The photos of twins and triplets on your front page (Twice the joy … or more, March 24) were wonderful.

All well-cared-for healthy children are beautiful, I think, but there's something special about multiples.

As an identical twin myself, I always enjoy seeing such photos. My brother and I were in our hometown newspaper three times in our youth.

I think the bond between twins is the closest human bond there can be. Right now my twin is in North America and I am here but we keep in close contact. Other twins of our acquaintance also seem to share strong connections.

To all you singletons out there, we can only say: tough luck!

Joe Blonde, Dubai

Do bigger malls make sense?

I liked Sean Cronin's column Dubai's long malls a bit short-sighted for shoppers with kids (March 18).

Doubling the size of retail malls is being done, it seems to me, not because it makes sense, but because we can.

It also helpfully distracts us from our real issues, such as  sustainable delivery of essential community facilities; the boring / troublesome bits.

Until then, enjoy the walk.

Name withheld by request

Peacemakers can change world

I was struck by the story Facebook turns into a goodwill forum for Iranians and Israelis (March 23).

It takes only one, after all, to start changing the world. Peacemakers truly are blessed.

Monica Carver, Dubai

History is still a hanging judge

Will Taliban militants come to rule Afghanistan again?

The anger generated by the two most unfortunate recent incidents coupled with the exit plan of the Nato forces have made this scenario more likely.

Will President Barack Obama bother to tell the world what has been gained from 10 years of occupation, the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent and impoverished civilians and the further destruction of a poor country?

Humanity may not be able to bring the perpetrators of the crimes against poor Afghans to justice, but history will not forgive them.

Muneer Ahmad, Abu Dhabi

Sad cruel policy on stray cats

There's something wrong when anyone adopts A starvation policy for stray cats and a fine for compassion (March 22).

I can understand that the municipal authorises are opposed to stray cats. It can certainly be unnerving to see half a dozen or more of them prowling around a rubbish bin, which is a common sight.

But there really must be a better way to deal with these animals than to systematically try to starve them to death.

And the idea that "there are too many birds" being fed, as one official told your writer, is simply absurd. Birds eat insects, and there are truly too many insects.

But there are not too many birds. Indeed for many species there are too few, and birds add music, flashes of beauty, and a sense of peace to our urban wasteland.

Of course the cats, if left alone, will eat a lot of the birds.

Nature is cruel enough, it seems to me, without humans adding more problems.

Carol McNeill, Dubai

Palestinian IPO is great news

Palestinian stock exchange IPO latest hint of revival (March 23) was a very encouraging story.

This highly anticipated IPO could not have come at a better time to inject optimism (and indeed capital) into the Middle East and frontier markets.

Anna Reitman, UK

Datsun Bluebird is still a beauty

I enjoyed My Car: Datsun Bluebird rules the roost (March 23).

Thumbs up to the owner, Mubarak Al Mansouri.

He and I share the same passion. My first car was a Datsun Bluebird 910, 1983 model. It was an amazing car, with great durability and a boxy style.

Shakaib Khan, Pakistan

Shocking ruling on rape charge

Man cleared of raping maid 'less pretty' than wife (March 21) is a shocking and horrible story.

The defence this man's lawyer advanced in court is one that any man - and any woman - should know makes no sense at all.

How could a court accept such a defence, in the face of evidence pointing in the other direction?

Michelle Daoud, Dubai