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Teens weary and wary of social media

A reader says young people are starting to abandon sites like Facebook. Other topics: taxi-sharing and respect during Ramadan.

A reader says that teenagers around the world are becoming tired and wary of social media. Bay Ismoyo / AFP
A reader says that teenagers around the world are becoming tired and wary of social media. Bay Ismoyo / AFP

The warning by Ayesha Al Messabi in UAE citizens should learn about online privacy at early age (July 30) has not come a day too soon.

Intrusion into privacy has already started taking its toll.

A recent study by the Pew Research Centre has confirmed that teenagers are getting weary of the world's largest social network, Facebook.

The transparency of their posts makes teens feel that they are under the scanner and that anything they post online might be analysed by their parents, friends or colleges.

The obvious result, although this is denied by company founder Mark Zuckerberg, is that Facebook is losing its grip on young people.

Social media is a powerful tool but it can also be a weapon with enormous risks to the user.

CS Pathak, Dubai

Dubai drop-offs ban questioned

I am writing about Multi drop-off ban for taxi drivers (July 29).

Does the Roads and Transport Authority not earn enough from Salik already?

Also, this policy doesn't take women's safety into consideration. Late at night, I always drop off my single female friends first so they are not left alone with the cabbie.

I'm not saying he would do anything, because taxi drivers in Dubai are generally polite and respectful. However, you can't be too careful.

Elsa Baxter, Dubai

I thought the UAE was keen to reduce its carbon foot print, but how will that be possible if more vehicles are on the road at any one time delivering single passengers to their destinations?

This rule doesn't make any sense in relation to the environment nor does it help reduce traffic congestion.

It also increases the risk of being involved in a car accident - and we all know that the UAE already has a high number of these.

So, why is this rule enforced? What does the RTA gain for insisting it be adhered to?

I am a person who is keen to protect the environment for future generations and this decision makes no sense to me. Name withheld by request

What about a mother that wants to drop off her children on the way to school? Or a woman wanting to drop off her elderly aunt on the way home from a night out with friends?

There is a work-around to this, however. Two people get into a taxi at point A. Both then get out at point B and pay the taxi driver, then one person gets back into cab (technically as a new fare) and goes from point B to C.

John, Dubai

Labourers should be shown respect

It has been my experience that during the holy month of Ramadan everyone shows greater love and care for others, especially for the poor and the deprived.

We see the spirit of caring and sharing all over the Islamic world.

In the context of this spirit, I wish to share an observation and seek suggestions for addressing a problem I have observed all over the world, especially during my recent travel to the United States and Europe.

At airports, in cities and at the homes of better-off people, I have seen labourers who facilitate a better life for all of us.

When I take the time to talk to them, expressing my appreciation for their work, I often hear the same complaint, which also applies to the UAE and many other Middle East countries benefiting from the services of migrant labourers.

Nearly all of them tell me that they are often not treated with respect.

I believe anybody who earns their living through hard work deserves to be treated with full respect.

This should become a common practice.

In the spirit of this holy month I hope we all show more sensitivity. I especially hope that we inculcate in our children the need to uphold human dignity.

I pray that the blessings of this holy month will grace all of us, irrespective of our religion and nationality.

Baquer Namazi, Dubai