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Technology poses risk to humans

A reader believes robots are posing a risk for humans. Other topics: Uttar Pradesh, Indian Muslims, car insurance

A reader believes robots are posing a risk to humans by making them lazy and inactive. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National
A reader believes robots are posing a risk to humans by making them lazy and inactive. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National

Letters to the Editor

Technology has its pros and cons (The UAE children aiming to make robots a part of the homes of the future, June 4). While the world has advanced technologically, it has also made people lazy and highly dependent.

Humans should be able to do their own work instead of inventing machines and robots who would work for them. These robots are a threat to humans since they can easily take over our jobs and render us useless.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Uttar Pradesh crimes bring shame for India

I have seen poor arguments presented in a section of the Indian media to the effect that the government cannot be held responsible for rape and violence against women (Rapes happen ‘accidentally’, says Indian minister in latest gaffe, June 9).

Although the government can’t change the mentality of the criminals, it can deal with crimes more efficiently and prosecute criminals in fast-track courts so that a clear message is sent to society.

The Yadav family that rules Uttar Pradesh is being criticised because of its reluctant attitude. It has not shown any determination to tackle crime in the state. Instead, the state government shamelessly defends rapes and criticises the media for exposing those incidents.

Had the media not exposed so many cases, the Samajwadi Party government would have succeeded in shielding all those criminals. Uttar Pradesh is a shame for India.

Varsha John, Abu Dhabi

Why has Uttar Pradesh become a hotbed for the worst types of crime? The main reason is that some hard-core criminals are occupying the highest political offices.

If the leadership in Uttar Pradesh has self-respect and decency, it should resign, or it will face rebellion from women.

The result of such revolt could be president’s rule.

Aarti, India

Choose insurance policy wisely

I have no idea why people gamble with their lives. As the report Covering all eventualities (June 7) says, some people look at the cost when they buy car insurance and ignore more important aspects such as how good the insurance companies are and how they service their customer claims.

I always make sure I stick with a company that has a global reputation and good underwriters and if it costs, then so be it.

Unfortunately, I have probably lost my no-claims bonus as cars like to rear-end me or hit from the side as I stop to let pedestrians cross the road at zebra crossings.

Name withheld by request

Head injury should not be neglected

It’s sad that the Emirati boy suffered 100 per cent disability following a head injury (Dubai court finds doctor not guilty of negligence over football boy’s head injury, June 5).

The moment someone suffers a head injury and develops headache, no matter how mild, he or she needs to go to the emergency room immediately as a bump to the head could very well mean a blood clot.

A delay in seeking medical attention can have a disastrous consequence.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

Muslims anxious after Pune murder

The killing of a young computer professional Mohsin Sheikh in Pune on June 2 is extremely disturbing. The fact that he was murdered merely because he was a devout Muslim has sent shock waves in the Muslim community across the country. People of the locality are living in fear.

The murder has been blamed on the members of a radical Hindu group, called Hindu Rashtra Sena. It appears that extremists are feeling emboldened after Narendra Modi, a much hated figure among Muslims, became the prime minister of India.

Maharashtra police acted swiftly and arrested most of the accused thereby averting a communal flare-up. But nothing more has been done. Neither Mr Modi, nor the chief minister of the state bothered to condemn the incident.

Perhaps Mr Modi’s idea of good governance does not include maintaining communal harmony and peace in the country. But good governance is inextricably linked with peace.

Muneer Ahmed, Abu Dhabi