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Teachers deserve pay rise for their work

The salary increase for Dubai teachers is warranted, a reader says. Other letter topics: babies in cinemas, an alternative to going to the gym and e-cigarettes.

Teachers deserve to earn more for the valuable work they do, a reader says. Jeff Topping / The National
Teachers deserve to earn more for the valuable work they do, a reader says. Jeff Topping / The National

I could not agree more with the sentiments expressed in 'Money comes and goes ... this is about the effort we make for pupils' (June 25).

Around the world, teachers are undervalued for the work they do. A good teacher can make all the difference to the development of a child and in forming the adult he or she will become.

According to your report, the pay rise for Dubai teachers is long overdue for those who have toiled in the system for years or decades. Good on them for sticking with it; I hope the pay rise compensates them for their efforts.

Hopefully, the extra money now on offer will attract many more excellent candidates to the profession, and the next generation of young people will be the winners.

Plaudits to the Dubai government for finding the money in tough times to reward those who help shape our children's future.

Michael Peterson, Dubai

Opinions differ on e-cigarettes

Regarding Wanted: another Bloomberg to save teenagers from 'vaping' June 24), electronic cigarettes are aimed at adult smokers, not children.

Since they are smokers, they are already "hooked" on nicotine, so the object is not to create new addicts.

Contrary to popular opinion, nicotine is not an euphoric; it doesn't convey any more of a "rush" than drinking a cup of coffee.

It enhances alertness, attention and concentration, making it easier to keep working and to avoid making errors. People with underlying disorders that respond well to nicotine find it very difficult to quit; they hate feeling (and actually being) incompetent.

In the US, more than two million smokers have been able to stop inhaling tar, particulates, carcinogens and toxins along with their nicotine, having switched to electronic cigarettes, which are a reduced risk alternative to smoking.

If I had continued smoking, instead of switching to an e-cigarette more than three years ago, by now I would probably be lugging an oxygen tank around with me.

Elaine Keller, US

The e-cigarette industry has already helped millions of smokers reduce the harm caused by tobacco use.

Tobacco is known in even small amounts to cause irreparable damage to organs and quality of life. E-cigarettes do not do this, and they do not encourage children to smoke.

Research in the US found that teenagers think they are "lame".

Stewart Cade, US

I don't see the difference between a cigarette and an e-cigarette.

If people just want to suck on something, why don't they buy a lollipop?

Ian Dunn, Abu Dhabi

Modesty is not too much to ask

I am responding to Ask Ali: On transparent clothes and swimwear (June 22).

In Shariah law, the dress code is applied according to the faith system of the individual.

A Christian is not expected to observe Islamic attire but he or she is asked to wear a modest mode of dress. In some western countries, Muslims are coerced into abandoning their traditional clothes.

Keeping this in mind, why on Earth would some one turn up in beachwear in malls where there is a clear sign stating you should wear modest attire?

A lot of flexibility is afforded to expatriates and visitors to the UAE. To observe a basic, modest mode of dressing is not asking too much.

Joe Burns, Abu Dhabi

Cinemas should provide for babies

What's the big hullabaloo about Babies at the box office - to admit or not to admit? (June 23)?

Perhaps cinemas should have a creche with a certified nurse and helpers next door. Parents could be charged the normal ticket price per child. Problem solved.

If nobody is willing to pay, then let them make other arrangements, where they will have peace of mind and enjoy the movie and let others enjoy the movie too.

John Doevichisky, Abu Dhabi

Healthy alternative to joining a gym

I write in reference to Using weights makes your pockets lighter (June 24). There are three factors: the cost of renting showrooms, the cost of importing goods and the cost of licences for gyms.

However, walking is the best exercise. Millions have been spent on making the Abu Dhabi Corniche walkable. Enjoy it.

J Hammer, Abu Dhabi

Tough job ahead for new president

I wish good luck to Egypt's Mohammed Morsi (Tahrir hails new president Morsi, June 25).

I believe he's going to need it. Colin Richards, Abu Dhabi