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Take steps to curb encephalitis

A reader says the Indian government must do more to eradicate encephalitis. Other topics include: Emiratisation, Germany, telecommunications, maids.

A reader says Indian health authorities need to do more to eradicate encephalitis. Biswajeet Banerjee / AP Photo
A reader says Indian health authorities need to do more to eradicate encephalitis. Biswajeet Banerjee / AP Photo

Filling spaces is not the goal of Emiratisation

I am writing in reference to Asmaa Al Hameli's blog post, Did you choose your career or did it choose you? (June 12).

I feel sad for Emiratis who are paid high salaries but have no work in their organisations.

However, I wonder whether those people asked for a job description or job sheet when they were interviewed or offered jobs. I guess the answer is "no".

Because of the Emiratisation initiative, many companies felt compelled to add local people to their workforce to maintain the "national" head count and some job seekers may have just accepted the offers without asking for details about their jobs.

Those people have ended up having positions without real jobs. As mentioned in the blog post, this is not what the Emiratisation policy is aimed at.

Such people should take initiative and share work with their colleagues, instead of waiting for their managers to delegate work. They should try to find out the functions of the departments where they are employed.

Emiratisation is about "right people in right places to achieve right results", not just a casual exercise to fill in the blanks to please the authorities.

Thank you, Asmaa, for the article. You are an inspiration for many Emirati youth.

Um Wahab, Abu Dhabi

Think before you mistreat maids

I refer to the news article Employers blamed for crimes by maids in Dubai (June 18).

One often hears of cases in which employers have been abusive towards their employees, particularly in domestic households. Surely the very last person you should treat badly is the one responsible for your children's welfare. Do as you would be done by.

Marcus Scorer, Al Ain

Germany attracts medical tourists

I am responding to the article Germany is great as a stopover or a destination of its own (May 31). Germany is also a trip worthwhile for medical reasons. It is a number-one medical destination because of its high medical standards.

People from all over the world, including the UAE, come to Germany for this reason.

Peter Grassnick, Germany

Telecom bill defies any justification

I have had an experience like the one of the man who sued Du for overcharging him (UAE mobile company to compensate Emirati for overcharges in phone bills, June 18).

Some time ago, I received a bill of Dh2,000 for internet usage. My bundle was international and I exceeded my data limit.

The telephone operator sent me a text message saying that I had reached 90 per cent of my limit, after which I disconnected my internet.

In spite of that, I was charged Dh2,000 and there is no justification for it. The telecom company sent me a report of the usage which seemed to be valid. But at that time it did not have any option to check data usage.

Moiz SA, Sharjah

Do more to tackle encephalitis

It's sad that encephalitis kills so many people in India every year (India braces for deadliest encephalitis out break in a decade, June 18).

According to the report, 118 children died from the this mosquito-borne disease mainly in northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The number of casualties is likely to reach 1,000, officials have warned. The authorities must spring into action now.

This disease spreads because the government does not take adequate health measures to protect the people.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Across the country, water stagnates in so many places, but no one cares.

Apart from the government, NGOs should come forward and spread awareness among people so that they can take precautions for themselves.

K Ragavan, India