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Take Five... Celebrity island owners

Some of those who, like the late Marlon Brando, can afford a private island.

Marlon Brando's atoll in the South Pacific is set to become a luxurious eco-resort, just as the actor wished. However, the late Godfather star is not the only person to have bagged a private island.

Take Five... Richard Branson

The Virgin chief bought Necker Island in - appropriately - the British Virgin Islands for Dh1 million in 1979, when he was 28. Three years and a fair sum of money later, he had transformed it into a luxurious private retreat - yours for around US$54,000 (Dh198,000) a day.

Take Four... Mel Gibson

Braveheart took the plunge with Mago near Fiji, splashing out $15m for the 22 sq km volcanic island in 2005. But it seems Gibson can't do anything right these days, and his purchase displeased descendants of the original natives, who had been displaced in the 1800s.

Take Three... Johnny Depp

It was known as Little Hall's Pond Cay in the Bahamas before ol' Captain Sparrow Scissorhands bought it for $3.6m in 2005. In a move Brando would clearly approve of, Depp uses solar power as an energy source on the island.

Take Two... Nicolas Cage

The maverick actor bought himself a 40-acre island in the Bahamas in 2006. Faced with mounting financial problems after a spending spree that included a German castle, nine Rolls Royces and a dinosaur skull, he put the island on the market in 2008.

Take One... Bear Grylls

Good old Bear Grylls. While everyone else was snapping up luxury islands in the sun, the British "professional adventurer" got himself the tiny St Tudwal's Island West, off the coast of Wales. Extreme drizzle!