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Syrian fashion designer hits the world stage

A reader praises the work of Syrian fashion designer Rami Al Ali. Other topics: school stress, bad driving, cricket and yoga.

A reader praises Syrian designer Rami Al Ali, who has exhibited at the Paris Fashion Show. Stephen Lock /The National
A reader praises Syrian designer Rami Al Ali, who has exhibited at the Paris Fashion Show. Stephen Lock /The National

Top-up cards can help customers avoid credit trap

I have great sympathy for Kathryn Mills, who wrote to you about her credit card woes (Card change no credit to bank, March 4).

Many banks offer generous amounts of credit that trap customers into a spiral of debt. Instead of getting a credit card, customers should consider a prepaid debit card that allows them to purchase online.

My card cost me Dh15 to buy at Carrefour, and I load "credit" onto it when I need it. I've swapped some of my standing orders over to this card and it seems to be problem-free - as long as I remember to top it up, of course.

It's not the perfect solution but getting one is satisfying because you know you are not dealing directly with a bank. And a Dh15 charge certainly beats the exorbitant interest rates of credit cards.

Carol Hyland, Fujairah

Cameras can help cure bad driving

I am writing in reference to the letter Enforcement and etiquette will help make roads safer (March 4).

I would like to see an experiment using a group of drivers selected at random, from various residence and office locations.

Fix a camera to their vehicles and analyse the behavioural pattern of the drivers from the resulting video. I think this would pinpoint the problem areas.

Name and address withheld

High praise for Syrian designer

I am writing about Nadia El Dasher's blog post, Chanel Iman wears Rami Al Ali (February 28), featuring a dress by the up-and-coming Syrian designer Rami Al Ali.

The dress pictured is fabulous, and I would like to see more of this designer's work.

Ulla Gunderson, Denmark

Firefighters did their duty well

It was a relief to read that the 12 workers who were trapped in a Dubai building when it caught fire are now safe (Firefighters rescue workers from tower blaze, March 3).

Hats off to the civil defence team for a swift and timely rescue.

Fatima Suhail, Dubai

School stress too much for students

The stress is really on education now (March 3) is very true.

Studying has become much more stressful in India.

More than the students themselves, it's the parents whose aspirations are often unrealistic.

The Lancet's revelation about the high number of student suicides is sad. While no one can give the exact reason why an individual takes his or her life, stress must have been a factor in many cases.

K Ragavan, India

Pakistan's big win was underplayed

I am concerned about the balance of The National's coverage of international cricket.

The Sport section of March 4 contained almost a full page about the Indian player Virender Sehwag, with a side column on England's Nick Compton.

The second page included another major commentary on Indian cricket and a column on the Sri Lankan Cricket Board's problems.

However, Pakistan's amazing thrashing of one of the world's best teams, South Africa, received just five lines.

Records were made in that match: South Africa's lowest score ever in a T20 game, the first time three players were out on the first ball, and Umar Gul's 5 wickets for 6 runs in 2.2 overs.

Yes, I am Pakistani and I am proud of it.

Ayesha Nazar, Abu Dhabi

Assistants can do virtually anything

The story about virtual assistants, Help is only a click away (March 4), was interesting.

I think it's also worth mentioning the large number of specialised virtual assistants that do everything from create an online marketing plan to help you publish your book.

Tracy Gaudet, Canada

Yoga teachers need resources

Strike a pose (March 4), about yoga teachers, was a great article.

As an independent yoga teacher, I agree that yoga is in big demand, and it would be wonderful to have more resources and support.

J Richter, Abu Dhabi