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Supreme leader sets Iran's policy

A reader notes that Ali Khamanei has a firm hand on the foreign policy of the Islamic republic. Other topics: hospital safety, road safety and doppelgangers.

A reader says it is Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei, not the president, who determines Iran's foreign policy. EPA
A reader says it is Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei, not the president, who determines Iran's foreign policy. EPA

Equipment at all hospitals should face inspection

I refer to Hand-sanitiser review after boy, 6, is blinded (July 2), which is about an incident at a hospital in Ajman.

I hope the health ministry looks into this matter, because I believe many hospitals lack health and safety measures.

I visited a hospital recently and found a hand sanitiser that squirted the liquid at an angle, rather dropping it straight down.

All these sanitisers should be examined by professionals. If the investigators find fault in the case you have reported, then the hospital should pay compensation.

In the meantime, I hope that the injured boy, Yousef, gets well soon.

Name withheld by request

Unlicensed driver must be banned

My condolences to the family of the man who died in the accident described in One killed, 16 injured after unlicensed driver rear-ends minibus (July 7).

The authorities need to send a message to people who drive on a revoked licence that they cannot flout the law in this manner and expect a light sentence.

I'm sure I'm not alone is wishing that this man should never be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car again in his life.

Donald Glass, Dubai

Exchange rates led to a saving

I refer to Expats rush to send more cash home as value of dirham soars (July 7).

I have recently benefited from the exchange rates fluctuations because the South African rand has fallen in value.

I wanted to buy some property in Johannesburg, and I saved R30,000 (Dh11,000) because of the strength of the dirham.

E Mutandwa, Dubai

Supreme Leader sets Iran's policy

I am writing in reference to Dr Majid Rafizadeh's opinion article, Iran's nuclear plans unlikely to change under Rouhani (July 8).

Hassan Rouhani is a centrist in Iran's political spectrum and, as Dr Rafizadeh has said, the centrists support the same foreign policy objectives as the hardliners and the nation's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamanei.

Although the centrists prefer to use a softer tone, there should not be that much optimism about change.

The Supreme Leader is the person who sets Iran's policy.

S Samiani, US

EU is displaying its weakness

The debacle involving American whistle-blower Edward Snowden (Snowden: he can hide but he can't run, July 4) has inadvertently highlighted the unacceptable subservience of European Union countries to the political demands of the United States Congress.

That ostensibly sovereign, independent European states should have closed their airspace to a civilian aircraft upon political instructions from the US would appear to be a gross violation of international law and agreements.

That is abhorrent to the principles of human rights, of freedom of movement and of international conventions by a supposed democratic state.

The US Congress, by virtue of the aid it provides and trade it conducts with most of the important states on the planet, has acquired a destabilising amount of global political and economic power.

Not only is this completely undemocratic, it is also detrimental to world peace.

T Bellchambers, UK

India too keen to appease America

In reference to India defends US (July 2), about the Edward Snowden asylum application, I believe that India has become an opportunist nation.

It long ago shed its ideological values in favour of appeasement of the United States.

The US has been trying to curb Chinese influence in the East, and India gains financial and military benefits from dancing to the American tune.

Joe Burns, Sharjah

There may well be another you

I was interested to read about the Dubai woman who is searching for her doppelganger (Seeing double, July 5).

The funny thing is that I found mine in Dubai 10 years ago.

Alvin Thomas, Oman