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Suggestions for handling parking in Abu Dhabi

I refer to the article Mawaqif area parking for permit holders only from Sunday (December 24). This is a good move. Mawaqif should restudy each block as a special case. Not all blocks are equal.

I refer to the article Mawaqif area parking for permit holders only from Sunday (December 24). This is a good move. Mawaqif should restudy each block as a special case. Not all blocks are equal. Some have plenty of parking space while some have a big shortage. Here are some ideas that Mawaqif might consider:

The available area for parking spaces should be studied carefully in such a way that maximises usage. A good example is the parking area behind Subway on Khalifa Street. The available space there can provide for plenty more spots if it's designed properly.

Mawaqif needs to consider the needs of every block independently. Applying the same rule everywhere (premium parking on the perimeter of the block and regular parking inside the block) doesn't work. Some blocks have more businesses than others which means they can't be treated in the same way that a mostly residential block is.

Blocks with heavy demand throughout the day (such as the Al Noor Hospital block on Khalifa Street) should have more expensive premium parking.

Currently, one can only pay in one-hour lots. This works well for regular parking, but doesn't work for premium parking. In busy blocks, premium parking should be more expensive but offered at smaller intervals (eg Dh1 for 15 minutes).

Ziad Q, Abu Dhabi


What about self defence?

The news article Delay for taxi driver on trial for attempted murder (December 22) described how a taxi driver was assaulted and robbed by three passengers but later fought back and knocked out one assailant with a shovel.

I understand that beating an unconscious thief is wrong and makes no sense. The driver was probably doing it out of rage or anger for being beaten and robbed. But does this article by any way intend to mean that if I, God forbid, was being physically assaulted and robbed, I had no right to fight back? And if I did fight back for my precious life or belongings, could I be charged with attempted murder?

F Baasleim, Dubai


Double standards on Kashmir

In reference to Tension high as China PM visits India (December 14), it is odd that no one seems to be speaking to the Kashmiri people about what they want. It is not up to India or Pakistan but the Kashmiri people who have the right to choose their future.

It is odd that everyone criticises China for occupying Tibet but India seems to receive special treatment.

Recent WikiLeaks documents also highlight why India's high and mighty talk of democracy means little when it sees itself above acceptable norms.

Davud Burns, UK


No date for new traffic system

The news article Capital goes high-tech to cut traffic jams (December 23) reported that an "intelligent system" with road signs and multimedia broadcasts will be installed to alert drivers to road conditions and alternative routes. The problem with the plan is that a launch date is not mentioned.

Better roads and an improved traffic management system in the capital are not luxuries but a necessity today.

S Sai, Abu Dhabi


Correction on libertarians

In reference to Michael Young's opinion article, Ideas appear to matter much less in Washington these days (December 23), the characterisation of libertarians and foreign policy is grossly incorrect.

American libertarians are advocates of vigorous citizen diplomacy and joint global action for rights by citizens.

Ralph Swanson, US


Give American sports a chance

It must be a lean day in terms of finding meaningful sports content to fill your pages. I have long questioned the sports department for its bias toward European sports at the expense of North American; to suggest you neglect your American and Canadian sports readers goes without question.

I would be interested in knowing the mindset of the editors who used an entire back page (Final Shot, December 24) to display what can only be termed a panoramic shot of the (hapless) Toronto Maple Leafs at practice.

This is your idea of satisfying your North American readers? It really is time for you to provide consistent coverage of the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League in a meaningful sense - not throwaways.

Graham Wride, Abu Dhabi