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Sting sets a good example

A reader congratulates English pop star Sting for his Abu Dhabi performance – and his good manners. Other topics: fog lights, Syria and India's rape shame.

A reader applauds Sting for his performance and politeness during his Abu Dhabi concert last week. Courtesy Flash
A reader applauds Sting for his performance and politeness during his Abu Dhabi concert last week. Courtesy Flash

Drivers must learn how to use fog lights responsibly

RTA plans to make fog lights mandatory (March 16) reports on a very welcome move, and I hope the various parties involved reach an agreement quickly.

I also hope that proper rules are implemented, and that information about how and when to use fog lights - especially rear fog lights - is clearly communicated.

In Europe, it is forbidden to use rear fog lights unless visibility is below 50 metres, which is very thick fog. Front fog lights can be used in any bad weather, because they don't blind other drivers.

In the UAE, I have seen many cars fitted with fog lights that are not used, and many people using fog lights at night when there is no fog.

Drivers who use fog lights when there is no need to do so should be fined, because fog lights can be misinterpreted as brake lights and they can blind other motorists due to their intensity.

Ralf Peppekus, Dubai

Fog lights are not the complete solution; it is the way drivers use their lights. This requires education and enforcement.

Many drivers are still not using their lights in fog and instead activate their emergency lights.

When all cars do have front and rear fog lights, inappropriate use needs to be policed. Too many drivers seem to drive with their fog lights on all the time.

N Bezuldenhout, Dubai

Latest rape adds to India's shame

I am writing about Swiss woman gang raped while on cycle tour (March 17), about the attack on a 38-year-old tourist and her husband in Datia, India.

This is a matter of great shame for India. Such incidents bring global ignominy for the country.

I believe that capital punishment should be meted out to rapists; only then will this all-too-common offence be controlled.

Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Questions over missing millions

It was interesting to read Hunt for Qaddafi's millions intensifies (March 15).

The article states that about $64.9 billion (Dh238 billion) invested in the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA) was frozen by United Nations Security Council sanctions until February last year.

However, from my reading of the UN sanctions, I understand that the LIA is still a sanctioned entity and assets before the date mentioned in the documents are still required to be frozen.

Musheer Alambath, Abu Dhabi

Turkey is essential to peace in Syria

I am writing in response to to Alan Philps's opinion article, Two years on, fate of Syria in Russian and Turkish hands (March 15).

While Syria's President Bashar Al Assad insists that regime change is not a practical solution to the ongoing war, it is sad that none of the responsible global players has anything concrete to offer to bring an early end to the suffering of millions.

Any difference of opinion between the West and Russia must be buried at this stage. I think the United Nations and Turkey should play assertive roles in finding a solution.

Even if the Assad regime wins the current battle, the government will have no legitimacy in the eyes of the Syrian people, and the unsafe internal situation will deteriorate further.

If Turkey, its allies and neighbours can work together to find a quick settlement to the Syrian conflict, it will save the lives of thousands of people.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Sting gave his all for UAE audience

What a fantastic performance Sting gave in Abu Dhabi on Thursday night.

I have no patience for the "star" tantrums and/or arrogance that audiences have had to endure from some of the past performers at the du Arena.

Sting was a true professional. His show started on time, his set had a good balance of tunes, he had good banter with the audience, and the show even included audience participation.

He knew what city he was in and gave a nod to the culture with the inclusion of oriental dancers and drummer - a stroke of pure genius. On top of that, he gave three encores.

Maggie Hannan, Abu Dhabi