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Steve Bruce’s genius is in spotting talent

A reader praises Hull City manager Steve Bruce for developing young football talent. Other topics: Delhi's election result, parking, dragons and fireworks.

A reader praises Hull City manager Steve Bruce for recruiting new talent.   Matthew Lewis / Getty Images
A reader praises Hull City manager Steve Bruce for recruiting new talent. Matthew Lewis / Getty Images

I refer to Plenty of defence on Steve Bruce’s record (December 25), which assesses the Hull City manager’s performance over the English Premier League season.

I disagree with writer Richard Jolly in that I think Bruce’s weak point has been his tactics. It is his ability to purchase unknown talent at a bargain price that has been his greatest success.

To me, he is better than most at getting the right players, however he doesn’t quite know how to get them to play a tactical game.

This is where Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers and Everton’s Roberto Martinez get the better of him.

Tim Adam, UK

Delhi’s anti-graft leader faces a huge challenge

I refer to Anti-graft hero takes reins in Delhi (December 29), about the rise to power of Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Admi (“Common Man’s”) Party (AAP).

This event hopefully heralds the beginning of true change in the world’s largest democracy.

Once the initial euphoria and the excitement is over, the dreams sold to voters will have to be brought into reality.

The government, which was formed without a clear mandate, will need support to transform its election manifesto – which mainly comprises the removal of corruption from the system – into legislative measures.

The defeated Congress Party has its own agenda to protect its corrupt leaders, and it may try to topple the new government in Delhi to ensure its own survival.

In such an eventuality, the BJP, the larger party in the House, may step in to support – but it will demand its own pound of flesh.

It will be a tightrope walk for the rookie AAP as it tries to avoid political traps and party games.

While this is a case of strange bedfellows, I hope the AAP can deliver what it has promised.

CS Pathak, India

On Saturday, a huge crowd watched as Arvind Kejriwal took the oath of office as chief minister of New Delhi.

The fact that he arrived for the ceremony via the Metro rail service was one of the main attractions.

The point may have been to prove that he has the common touch, but simplicity alone will not solve the problems of Delhi.

Real political will and determination is expected from this young chief minister.

All Indians are now watching to see if he can deliver.

K Ragavan, India

Parking spaces at a premium

I refer to Residents call for more parking (December 29).

I would like to see more Mawaqif parking spaces, but not so many dedicated to residents only.

In my experience, many residents-only spaces are left empty while the rest of us have to park miles away and walk to where we need to be.

M Brits, Abu Dhabi

Building owners should be pressed to provide all residents with dedicated parking spaces.

Ahsan Khan, Abu Dhabi

SMS advertising causes annoyance

I am writing about UAE telecom regulator warns Etisalat and du to avoid misleading adverts and hidden tariffs (December 19)

I also hope that the regulator warns the two providers not to sell our information to those companies that send us advertisements via text messages.

Toheed Nav, Dubai

Dragon theory just won’t fly

Perhaps I am falling into a geek trap, but I want to comment on They fly and they breathe fire, but of course they don’t exist ... or do they? (December 29), about the dragons in Game of Thrones and The Hobbit.

Why on Earth would you compare a flying dragon to a slow-moving slug of a creature like the kimodo? As long as we are talking about a mythical creature and referencing dinosaurs, it seems that the physics in question should be much more comparable to birds than to modern-day reptiles.

That leads us to the interesting question of how big a bird could get and still be able to fly.

John Francis, US

Should money be sent up in smoke?

In reference to An eve to remember (December 29), I believe that money spent on fireworks could be better spent on the poor and needy. Kabir Ahmed, UK