x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Star backing for Beyoncé via Twitter

A spot of friendly back-slapping among the week's celebrity twitterings.

  • "Beyonce is EVERYTHING!" Surely not? Nicole Richie talks up pal Beyoncé Knowles, following the long-awaited release of her music video Run the World (Girls), the first single from her fourth album. May 19
  • "I'm wasting my time trying to come up with a good tweet so, out of anger, I'm going to waste your time by having you read this one." It's a case of eat, tweet, repeat for the actor Steve Martin. May 21
  • "@jumiperlamplite..some of my dearest friends despise Wagner & his music, but they're not assertive arrogant and mean spirited about it. Bye." Stephen Fry leaps to the defence of his favourite composer. May 22
  • "No sick days allowed on the Oprah Show. Love how devoted this team is to doing a good job." Audiences, however, might be growing a little sick and tired of the looped promos for Winfrey's new network OWN, which launches in the autumn. May 23
  • "Barrack Obama looked exactly like he does in pictures and Tv." Not entirely sure why the Irish pop-duo Jedward find this so remarkable. May 24
  • "Woke 2 play with new Kindle! P bought it 4 one of my many gorgeous prezzies, it will b fab 2 read by pool.." Never too old to learn, Joan Collins celebrates her 78th birthday with a new gadget from fifth husband, Percy Gibson. May 24