x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

World Cup fans set to rack up the air miles

The fans of Portugal, the Netherlands and England have the longest journeys to make to see their teams play at the World Cup.

Portugal, total: 4,275km Portugal fans could be the worst off among the top teams in South Africa. They start in Port Elizabeth then have to travel 769km to Cape Town and then 1,753km to Durban. If they finish second to Brazil in Group G, inevitably dubbed the "Group of Death", they will travel back 1,753km to Cape Town for their second-round match. Netherlands, total: 4,094km Holland supporters will also be racking up the kilometres. Their first game is in Johannesburg, followed by a 588km trip to Durban and then a 1,753 journey to Cape Town. If they top the group they will be going back to Durban, another 1,753km, for their next match.

England, total: 3,259km England fans have some of the longest journeys. Their first game against USA is in Rustenburg, followed by a 1,385km trip to Cape Town and then 769km to Port Elizabeth. If they finish top of Group C, their next trip is 1,205km back to Rustenburg. Brazil, total: 1,176km Brazil has a relaxing start, with their first two games in Johannesburg, followed by a 588km trip to Durban. If they win the group, they go back 588km to Johannesburg.

USA, total: 634km The US have games that are relatively close together. They start in Rustenburg, then travel 120km to Johannesburg and 58km to Pretoria. If they come second in their group, their next game will be 456km away in Bloemfontein. South Africa, total: 283km South Africa have some of the shortest journeys of all. Their first game is in Johannesburg, then they go 58km to Pretoria and 105km to Rustenburg. If they secure second place in their group to reach the knockout stages, they will next travel 120km to Johannesburg.

* Sebastien Berger