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Some of the talking points of the year

Paul Pabst recollects a few of the things that the leading names in sport have had to say.

Tim Tebow spent his spring break in the Phillippines.
Tim Tebow spent his spring break in the Phillippines.

I produce a sports radio show in the United States on which we spend our time on air talking about, arguing about and laughing about sports. We have the top names in sports on the show with the goal of getting them to say something the listener will remember. If you are talking about it the next day, we have done our job. With that, what follows is the best of The Dan Patrick Radio Show, 2008.

Mack Brown I don't think it wouldaffect anything, if we threw out conference championship games, which have been watered down some. It seems like everybody except the people in power feel very strongly about the play-off situation, but I don't see it happening. The University of Texas American football coach when asked if college football had an eight-team play-off system how it would affect classwork?

Chris Rock On Letterman I made a joke about Michael Vick seeing photos of Sarah Palin hunting caribou and saying, "Why am I in jail?". I got a lot of calls about that. They were 50-50. A lot of people think what I said was funny, and right. I don't think this guy should have killed any dogs. But, hey, I got a Rocky and Bullwinkle T-shirt in my closet right now. I like the caribou. I got no beef with the caribou. I think the caribou's life is worth as much as any dog's.

The actor and comedian on quarterback Michael Vick who is in jail for dog fighting Dale Earnhardt Jr No, I don't feel like doing that. We got a pretty good understanding that we don't really like each other that much. In the race car I'm probably angry half the time. I don't like driving ticked off, but that's just the way it is you're always angry at something. I think you run faster when you're p*****d off.

The NASCAR driver was asked about a recent on-track incident with his fellow driver Kyle Busch. Do you and he talk about what happened, to make sure that there's no problems going forward? Tiger Woods I've only seen a highlight package from it. It's frustrating for me to watch because I didn't realise I was that hurt. You're in the moment, but now I realise how bad it was. The golfer was asked if he had watched video of the US Open he won with a bad knee.

Bruce Jenner No. He's the world's greatest swimmer. Michael Jordan was a phenomenal athlete, but basketball is not a standardised test of a person's athletic ability. The basis of athletics is the ability to run, jump and throw. The decathlon tests that. They'd die trying it. They'd make no money, they'd train eight hours a day in virtual isolation, there'd be no hype, no nothing. I asked Michael Jordan, and he said, 'Man, I couldn't run that 1,500 metres'.

The Olympic decathlon gold medallist in 1976 when asked wheter Michael Phelps is the world's greatest athlete? Tim Tebow When we're over there [The Philippines] we do a lot of speaking at schools, hospitals, market places, prisons. We also do medical clinics. We'll bring doctors and medicine into a village where there's no doctors, where most have never seen a doctor in their lives. We only have about four doctors, and when there's 1,000 people there, the doctors get tired. So they teach young people like me to do things like circumcisions.

The University of Florida quarterback on how he spent his spring break. Nolan Ryan Last summer I was in Japan, and they asked me to throw out a first pitch, and they wanted me to throw hard. They had me on the radar gun at 85 mph. The Hall of Fame baseball pitcher, who is now 61. Pete Rose Using drugs is worse. I was wrong, but when you bet on your team to win, what do you do? You do everything to win. The hardest thing to understand is why baseball will not give a guy like me a second chance. They'll give everyone else one.

The MLB's all-time hit king.He bet on baseball while he was managing the Cincinnati Reds. George Cloonet Yeah, that wasn't quite the way it worked. "Failed to get past the first cut," I believe, would be the better phrase. "Lacked skill,"maybe. On his imdb.com biography that says he "failed to join the Cincinnati Reds". ppabst@thenational.ae