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Photos: Jamaica’s next track star broke Usain Bolt’s schoolboy 400m world record

Pictures of the Jamaican teenager Javon Francis who beat Usain Bolt's Class One world record over the weekend in Kingston in the 400-metre sprint.

Photo by Gilbert Bellamy / Reuters
Photo by Gilbert Bellamy / Reuters

If anyone was wondering when the next Usain Bolt might come around, the answer might be soon. If anyone was wondering where he might come from, the answer should come as no shock.

Javon Francis, 18, of – where else – Jamaica, broke Usain Bolt’s 400-metre Class One world record, running it in 45.00 seconds flat to break the 11-year-old record of 45.35 seconds.

Francis set the new record at the Jamaica Inter-Secondary Schools Boys and Girls Athletics Championships in Kingston on Saturday. He was also a silver medalist at the 2013 IIAF World Championships 4x400-metre relay.

Scroll through the pictures above to get a look at perhaps Jamaica’s next great track star, who naturally copies Bolt’s celebration move.