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WWE talking points: Shane McMahon to turn on The Miz and time for The New Day to split

A look ahead to where the road to WrestleMania is heading and why Sasha Banks and Bayley should have a long run as the first WWE Women's Tag champions

Shane McMahon, right in the air, should turn heel on The Miz. Image courtesy of WWE
Shane McMahon, right in the air, should turn heel on The Miz. Image courtesy of WWE

We are only a few weeks now from WrestleMania 35 on April 7 and business should start picking up.

Elimination Chamber was a lot of fun, but saw little direct moves towards new WrestleMania match-ups.

Daniel Bryan retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but we still do not know who he is facing in New York.

The clear signs of a triple threat between Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship are there, although officially they still have to officially write Lynch back into the match with her still being officially suspended by Vince McMahon.

But Fastlane on March 10, the last network special before Mania, could see a lot of developments.

Here are some talking points and things to watch for.

Shane McMahon to be the one to turn heel on The Miz

Ever since they became a tag team it has been a case of when The Miz and McMahon will split and not if. Who will turn or who?

Well, all expectations appear to be on Miz, given his frustration after they lost the SmackDown Tag titles to the Usos at Elimination Chamber.

Which is why it will be more fun if it is McMahon who turns on Miz.

They lose their rematch to the Usos at Fastlane with Miz again taking the pin.

McMahon snaps post-match on Miz. His ego can take over. We saw signs of it last November in Saudi Arabia when he won the WWE World Cup.

He can claim he is a McMahon and he doesn't lose. He is the world champion and he didn't want to be in the tag team anyway, but Miz forced him into it and then let him down.

Then have McMahon attack Miz's father, who has been announced already as being at ringside for the match.

Miz's father has come across as a kindly old soul who Miz has been desperate to make proud. Seeing him hurt, as an inadvertent consequence of his actions, sets up a great blood feud for Mania.

Miz is a great heel, but can he be a great fired up babyface? They don't need to do too much to his cocky character. In fairness being rude and confident never did the likes of The Rock and Chris Jericho harm as faces.

McMahon has been a face throughout his time back in WWE since he came back in February 2016 and having him as a heel for the first time in more than a decade could be fun.

If it doesn't work, Miz can easily go back to being a heel over the summer, but this is the chance for WWE to do something unexpected and shake things up. Fingers crossed it happens.

End of the line for New Day?

If Kofi Kingston was taking the title off Bryan it was going to happen at Elimination Chamber.

So, he is not winning at Fastlane. But how does he lose?

There are various ways of doing it.

Clean - Nope. Kingston lost fairly clean to Bryan at Elimination Chamber and another loss would not do him any favours.

Interference on Bryan's side - Possible. If WWE are giving Bryan a faction, then having someone like Luke Harper or Bray Wyatt be a surprise arrival at ringside could work as a way of giving Kingston an out.

New Day accidentally cost Kingston - Very possible. Now, this is interesting. Big E and Xavier Woods have been nothing if not supportive to Kingston in his quest for WWE gold.

But, what if there is jealousy underneath? Big E would be the most likely of him and Woods to turn. Have him accidentally distract the referee or Kofi at a key moment and that prove costly.

If McMahon and Miz are having a big split at Fastlane two big heel turns in one night is unlikely.

Plant the seeds with Big E accidentally, on face value, costing Kingston, and then have New Day implode on the SmackDowns on the way to Mania.

It could be Kingston v Big E with Woods as special guest referee, and no-one knowing where a conflicted Woods will place his loyalty.

New Day have been an amazing tag team and have been a great unit since the end of 2014.

That is a long time for any team to be together and it is a credit to them they have not become stale.

This could be the chance to split them, with Big E becoming a singles star on Raw, while Kingston, maybe with Woods, stay on SmackDown.

Long reign for Banks and Bayley

The Women's Tag Team titles match at Elimination Chamber, that ended with Sasha Banks and Bayley as inaugural winners was brilliant.

Banks and Bayley were the right victors and this could be great for the WWE going forward.

The plan, it appears, is for them to defend the titles on every brand, including NXT.

This will be a lot of fun. It should produce great matches and it gives two talented women the chance to remind everyone what they can do after both have taken a backseat on Raw to the likes of Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss.

They should have the belts at least until SummerSlam, building up the prestige of the new titles along the way.

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